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An Introduction To Smartphones: iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S II

We all know what a mobile phone is, in fact we all own a mobile phone and we all know what a Smartphone is – or do we? Apparently there are more four year olds who can use a smart phone than can tie their own shoelaces, if only there was an app for that!

So lets start at the beginning and make sure we’re all on the same page. A Smartphone is a phone that’s really smart – no, it really is. In the olden days we used to have phones that made and received phone calls but in the past ten years they’ve evolved and now double up as cameras, video cameras, MP3 players, radio players, calendars and organisers and web browsers and GPS systems. A Smartphone is a phone that does all this, it’s a PDA, camera, sat nav and lap top that also happens to make and receive the odd phone call too.

Smartphones have been around for a while now though and they’re getting smarter all the time so the question we need to look at now is how you distinguish between different Smartphones, two of the most popular Smartphones on the market at the moment are the iPhone S4 and the Samsung Galaxy S II – so which one should you be going for?

Apple iPhone 4S

This is the latest iPhone from Apple, Apple were one of the first people to make Smartphones fashion accessories rather than a business person’s necessity and their latest offering carries on this tradition. The iPhone4s comes with Siri which is a voice recognition programme that means you can you can do simple tasks like composing and sending messages all hands free with simple voice commands. The Dual-core A5 chip means it’s one of the quickest phones on the market for performance and delivery which you’re more likely to notice if you’re playing games and browsing the web. Like all Smartphones it also comes with the standard all singing all dancing camera and at 8MP you know you’re getting a great picture. Most Apple products come with the option of using cloud computing technology to ensure all your devices are synched and up to date which is perfect if you’re always on the go. The original appeal of Apple was they took complicated technology and made is simple and easy to use and that’s one thing you can’t argue with. If you’re new to technology and manuals full of abbreviations and jargon scare the b’Jesus out of you Apple is definitely the route for you and if you do get stuck Apple customer service is hands down the best customer service I’ve ever received.

Samsung Galaxy S II

The most comparable Smartphone to the iPhone on the market at the moment has to be the Samsung Galaxy S II in fact this phone is so similar to the iPhone that Samsung and Apple have spent most the summer taking each other to court claiming the other one copied their ideas, petty corporate squabbles aside Samsung really have come out of nowhere and taken the market dominance out of Apples fruity little hands. Although the Galaxy S II is slightly taller and wider than the iPhone S4 it is lighter (let’s be honest there’s not much point having a smart phone if the screen is so small you can’t see anything). It’s got the same high spec camera as the S4 but it does come with an app to share any videos straight to your TV or laptop. As for the hardware it comes with the same basic specs as the S4 but it does allow for external memory cards, this isn’t something you can get from the S4. The Galaxy S II has its own selection of apps similar to the Apple app store and these days you’d be pretty hard pressed to find an iPhone app that hadn’t been written for Samsung compatibility.

In conclusion both phones are pretty much identical in terms of specs, unless you’ve got a very specific requirement it might as well come down to which one you think looks nicer or price. Whether you’re buying on a contract or pay as you go the Samsung is usually a couple of quid cheaper for similar tariffs and the awards and trophies shelf is looking much more weighed down over at Samsung Towers for these two phones. For these reasons alone the Galaxy S II has to come out on top.

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