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iPad 3 Predictions

It’s around this time every year that the gadget rumor mills start working. Perhaps the most popular gadget on the market right now is the Apple iPad. Every tech journalist and blogger has an opinion as to when the iPad 3 is coming out, what features it will have and how much it will cost. The most popular guess is that the iPad would be released at Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference in June 2012. But other sources say that the iPad the general public could see the newest iPad much sooner.

A New iPad 3 this March

Apple experts are reporting that the computer giant is planning a special event at the beginning March in San Francisco. The event is predicted to unveil the latest iPad for the world to see. Though this is mainly a speculative prediction, larger news publications like the Wall Street Journal have also reported similar stories about the special Apple event in San Francisco in the first week of March. Some predictions are more specific. Other sources claim that the iPad will be officially launched by March 7th at the Apple special event.

iPad Predictions

Along with iPad release predictions, there are several rumors circling as to how the iPad will look, and what it will do. One of the most plausible predictions surrounds its network connectivity functions. The iPad 3 is reported to run on next-generation wireless networks promoted by both AT&T and Verizon Wireless, namely the hugely advertised 4G LTE network.

Some other predictions relate to an updated display screen. The new display is supposed to see a resolution upgrade from 1024 by 768 to 2048 by 1536. The iPad 3 is also slated to have a processing power and memory upgrade. The upgrade would include a processor upgrade to the Apple A6 quad core processor, and possibly up to 2 GBs of internal memory.

Additionally, the latest iPad tablet is rumored to include Siri. When the iPhone 4S came out in October 2011, it was meant with mixed praise and disappointment. One of its saving graces was Siri, the built-in voice-activated personal assistant. One of the more lavish rumors is that the new iPad will include the personal assistant. While there is no glaring evidence that this is true, Apple is known for their secrecy and their ability to surprise even the most savvy of Apple fanatics.

The Real Picture

Because of the disappointing nature of the iPhone 4S release, and the tragic passing of CEO Steve Jobs, many long-time Apple enthusiasts and new iPad users are skeptical. The skepticism is surrounding the new powers that be at Apple, and their ability to offer innovative upgrades to already existing products. While this skepticism appears to be valid, the reality is that Apple’s hardware developers are still very much in tact, and that they are likely to continue delivering on their promise of innovation. We will have to wait and see if Apple will deliver more innovative technology in the iPad 3 this March.

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