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Bad Girls Club 8: Episode 5 and 6 (Fashion Recap)

Bad Girls Club Episode 5: a New Elease on Life

Continuing the drama, the girls decide to make a toss salad in Elease’s suite case. Yup they poured dressing al in there.  My question, why does she keep leaving the suitcase around for them to get it?

Anyways, I loved Elease’s military green see-through button up. Eleas still has no place to sleep because Jenna’s old bed was tossed in the pool. So she is sleeping in the VIP room with Burberry scarf again in the guestroom.

The twins are not breaking their commitment to kicking the new girl out and they begin to tease and mock Elease.  Things get physical again and Elease winds up on the floor fighting for her weave. She was wearing a cute “love is everything” tee though.

Erica’s craving for pasta so that night the girls go out to the Italian restaurant, only to start a fight in the lobby. The Twins just won’t give up picking on Elease. I did like that Mimi’s ”MARS” necklace she wore to the restaurant.

And it’s not over! The Twins, Dani and Gabi are set out to get Elease out the house. The other girls have gotten tired of the games and started bonding with Elease. The house is finally split with the Twins on their own vs. Elease.

Bad Girls Club Episode 6: Bed, Bathing Suit and Beyond


While the girls go out and get tattoos, Dani and Gabi devise a master plan to stay behind for a while. So that they can toss the new mattress Gia and Erica bought for Elease in the yard. They pour condiments like mustard, blue cheese, and ketchup on the mattress. They practically dump the whole frigerator on the mattress. As I previously stated I love Mimi’s MARS necklace but if you wear it one more time! Geez!

The girls go out to the club. Gia meets the DJ and finds some herself a love connection. She invites the Matt over to the house the next day.  Gia takes a couple of shots with Amy before DJ Matt comes over and well……Gia, Gia, Gia! Girl Matt is a cutie and you were being sloppy.  Gia gets silly drunk and runs around naked and finally puts her leopard print bikini on to go in the pool. However, she continues to drink and just makes a complete mess of herself. Poor Matt gets the brunt of it when he decides to leave Gia does not like and starts swing on Matt. All the while Gia doesn’t realize her boobs are coming out of her top. Just a hot mess Gia!

While at the tattoo shop, the girls see a flyer for an ring girl contest. The girls decide to enroll Elease in the bikini contest to go against the Twins Dani and Gabi. Elease and the other girls go bikini shopping and that girl sure does have a nice body, she might just win!

Elease had the leopard print bikini with a blue lining, very cute! Amy was wearing a sea green sequin bikini reminds me of the Victoria secret one I have. The winner is…Elease! She wins the contest and she becomes the ring girl for a cage fight.  The Twins aren’t happy and you already know they won’t stay shut about it.

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