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Tips for Holidaying Alone

Holidays don’t have to be social experiences. You can meet a lot more people travelling on your own and you can make your own schedule. So whether it is enjoying Sydney Harbour cruises or a package tour of a foreign destination, be yourself and be confident to get the most out of your solo holiday experience.

Do your research

The last thing you want when travelling by yourself is to end up with the wrong crowd. So do plenty of research before committing to certain locations or types of holidays. A great example is a cruise. Some ships cater for more mature passengers and if you are a younger person looking for all the action of dance floors and nightclubs then you may find yourself singing along with Sinatra instead.

It’s also important to determine what there is to do at your planned destination. If you don’t find some new friends – or plan to do it all on your own anyway – then you want to make sure there are activities to keep you entertained.

Think of your safety

If you are travelling to a destination you haven’t been before then there are some simple precautions you should take. Travelling in groups offers better protection in most situations while being alone can make you a more vulnerable target to pickpockets, thieves and scammers. So avoid travelling alone in isolated or dark places and stick to the main streets where there are lots of people.

Before you leave advise friends or family of your movements. Above all, use your common sense.

Create an itinerary

Regardless of the type of holiday you plan on taking, an itinerary is the best way to ensure you see and experience all of the attractions available. Planning out the days will help you make the most of your holidays.

The best thing about travelling alone is the freedom that it offers so you won’t be restricted by the likes and needs of others. An itinerary will also help you work out costs, such as entry fees to attractions, well in advance.

Go where other solo travellers go

This is a sure-fire way to make the most of your holiday. If you head to a destination where there are other like-minded travellers then you are going to be able to have a good time by meeting new friends while still having the flexibility of doing your own thing. Group accommodation, such as a backpacker hostel, is a great way to meet others. Organised tours are the best way to make new acquaintances, whether they are just day tours or several days or even weeks in duration.

Be confident and be yourself

There’s no fun eating and drinking alone all the time. And you certainly won’t find action and adventure if you just go back to your room at night. Go where the people are and don’t be scared to say g’day. Strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know or share a drink at the bar with a fellow holidaymaker. You never know what could happen next, and that is what travelling alone is all about.

It’s also important to be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you’re not because most people will see right through it and you will be destined to spend your holiday all by yourself. Let your own personality run free and be brave.

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