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May, 2012

  • 26 May

    Is Your Finance a Constraint to Your Health?


    In many spheres of life, you get what you pay for, but getting eye surgery isn’t like getting a haircut, where even the damage done by a bad barber will grow back after a few months under a hat. Many recipients of laser vision correction will tell you it’s the ...

  • 26 May

    Barbados in The Caribbean


    The Barbados Islands are located in the Carribean near Venezuela. The name of this island came from Pedro Campos who originally named the island “Los Barbados” which means the bearded one. Campos chose this name because of the fig trees on the island and he observed that their leaves are ...

  • 26 May

    Cape Le Grand National Park in Western Australia


    The Cape Le Grand National Park is a park located in Western Australia which is considered to be the best viewpoint of the coast and the beautiful images it has to offer throughout all of Australia. The sights to see as you travel through the park include Frenchman’s Peak, Hellfire Bay, Le Grande ...

  • 26 May

    Visit Aruba In The Caribbean


    Aruba is located in the Caribbean and is an island that the Netherlands are highly dependent on. The island of Aruba is known for its flat land and white sand beaches although not all of Aruba falls under these characteristics. Aruba is split into two coasts, the northeast and southwest ...

  • 26 May

    Mecca – Saudi Arabia’s Holy Epicenter


    Mecca is located in western Saudi Arabia and is the holiest city in Islam. Non-muslims are strictly prohibited from entering the city of Mecca and will be immediately deported from the country if they attempt to enter this holy place. If you are muslim though, this is the perfect place for ...

  • 26 May

    Visit Celle in Germany


    Celle is a town in northern Germany which is a very historic little place to visit. It has rows of timber-framed houses that are just beautiful accents to the town and show off the great architectural elements that are present in Celle. The oldest standing house in Celle was built ...

  • 26 May

    Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park


    The Bromo–Tengger–Semeru National Park is located in Indonesia. This park got its name from the two famous mountains, Mount Semeru and Mount Bromo, as well as from the people who live in the park, the Tengger people. The Tengger people are one of the few Hindu populations left on the ...

  • 26 May

    Key Things to Consider before Renovating


    Before you rush in and renovate your home you really need to sit down and plan things out properly. This will mean figuring out if you are buying new furniture, having polished concrete flooring, or simply having a complete overhaul of your bathroom. There are a lot of different things ...

  • 26 May

    Dealing with Family Tragedies


    A family tragedy is a terrible thing. It has a far wider affect than merely the victim upon which it falls and it is very important that families help each other through such difficult times. Dealing with a tragedy requires strength and courage, but facing the trauma head on is ...

  • 26 May

    Planning and Scheduling Business Computer Upgrades


    Because so many organisations are committed to ongoing review of their business practices, including the appropriateness and effectiveness of the technology used, the upgrading of information technology should not occur haphazardly; it is a matter that should be carefully planned and scheduled. Effective planning is critical to successful business management ...

  • 26 May

    Employers and Independent Contractors – IP Ownership


    Any intellectual property (‘IP’) created by an employee in the course of their employment will generally belong to the employer. In contrast, the contractor will usually own the IP in cases where the contractor creates IP during the contract. Where there’s no clearly defined relationship, businesses seeking to develop products ...

  • 26 May

    Using Video for Product Presentations


    Visual tools are essential for properly selling or marketing your products and services and out of all of them video is perhaps the most powerful. Having the right audio visual production is also essential to create the right image for your business and products. So what are the best ways ...