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How To Become A Better Bowler

Bowling may be a fun game, but many bowlers are very serious about improving their skills and average scores. Here are a few tips on how to improve one’s bowling game.


Choose the right balls. It is essential that bowlers choose the right ball for themselves and for the bowling lane. Depending on the oil condition of the bowling lane, choose the high, medium or low hooking potential. It is important to carry more than one type of ball in terms of hooking potential and choose the one that is best for the bowling lane condition. Also, choosing the right weight is important. Bowlers should not let their ego choose the heaviest ball in the town. They will start seeing improvement in scores with balls of comfortable weight for you.


Bowling approach and stance is important. It is vital to practice proper balance and athletic posture, right from the start of the approach to the release. Avoid unnecessary head and torso movement and sudden elevation changes during approach and release. Better balance leads to better release and accuracy. Also, practice for consistent pace of footsteps during approach. People should work on their swing and timing of release. It is ideal to tune the body for the right technique so that the release is as perfect each time as possible.

Not many people know this but stretching before bowling can actually be good for a bowler’s game. A bowler should do some stretches that will stretch their arms. This will help them warm up their arm muscles and may improve their game drastically.


A good tip for people who have just started to learn how to bowl is to learn how to keep score properly. When a person knows how to keep score properly, they will most likely be able to focus on bowling better as time goes on. Many people stress about not knowing how to keep score, and this is why it is important to learn how to keep score the right way.


Bowlers need to remain consistent. They need to find out the best angle to get the most pins knocked down. A bowler should test out angles and stances until they find one that works well. Once they find one that works well, they should use that angle and stance all the time. They will want to keep using that angle and stance as often as possible because the more they do it, the better the chances are that they will knock down more pins. A person should try to bowl at least 3-4 times a week. Doing this will help a person become a better bowler over time.

Bowlers need to learn how to roll the ball right down the center. To do this, a bowler will need to practice aiming the ball down the middle every single time they bowl. When a a person gets good at this they will have a better chance at getting a strike or almost all the pins knocked down.

The author owns many bowling balls and knows that certain types of lanes call for different types of balls. The author is also an expert bowler.

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