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Klout Evolves, Brings Hope for Deeper Social Scoring

In the ever changing world of online influence, the game changes again. Klout, the online influence measurement company out of San Francisco that promises to measure your influence in every way possible, released a new platform today. My Klout score, previously 63, and 70 before that, rose back up to 69. While my ability to take this platform seriously (though hey, my score is 60-70, that in itself is consistent) is lacking, the new features are interesting and bring an immense amount of analytical knowledge to what you do and how you do what you do on social media. 


Klout’s first new thing is “Moments”. I see this as a description for why you are influential and what exactly was the moment where your Klout rose or fell. If you didn’t know before, you will certainly know now. The positives in this particular element lie in the fact that brands will now know why their Klout score is so high, or why they have received an enormous amount of traffic. Individuals on the other hand, can use Klout to discover more about their audience, and see what their audience truly wants to see from them. Correct usage and understanding of “Moments”, I presume, will mean a higher Klout score. This will be paired up well with the Insights element included.

Greater Transparency

Klout and other social media companies have never done a good job about being transparent. Assuming that this means what we think it means, we may get a deeper peek into how Klout derives your online influence. No, it doesn’t mean we’ll see what is inside the code, or what mathematical formulas and events are involved, but just a better explanation than what we see now — which is near to nothing. 

Greater Variables

This is vague as well, but it looks like the smaller details will matter as well, such as likes and the K+ that you’ve been doling out over the months. Whatever this may mean is also yet to be seen but I’m hoping that there’s a greater measurement for conversation and quality of conversation. But that’s just me. 


Remember no matter what happens to your Klout, that it is again, not a standard of influence as much as they’d like to tell you. As I state time and time again, your effectiveness on social media is the ability to build, develop, and nurture relationships with people, if you are a brand, and other individuals if you are seeking to increase your network. Just because your Klout is higher than 60 does not give you the right to brag about how you do, because you could be gaming the system. If your Klout is below 30, it also doesn’t make sense to feel desperate, because your audience is different. 

The next few months should be interesting as Klout rolls this out. I’ll be watching. Will you? 

Albert Qian has a Klout of 69. Snicker as you may, but he doesn’t really care. Really. Send him a tweet @albertqian. 

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