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Call Me Maybe still trending, viral, and growing

Call Me Maybe still trending and growing, WOW

Well many of you will have heard of this song. There are over 215 MILLION views of it on Youtube. Can you imagine going from nobody knowing you to being played over 215 Million times. That is pretty crazy.

Well this band and female singer has done just that. The video that took over the charts during the summer and all of our sterios, radios, satellite stations and more… is still here and growing in popularity.

The Youtube Trends blog discusses how it has steadily continued to rise through the trends and have consistent traffic over the past several months. These days it is getting easier and easier to go viral and hit millions of people it is really quite inspiring for us here at Global Good as we hope that we can go Viral too. We are not downplaying the talent that it takes to make a song like that or the video, concept, and directing just hoping we can get something in the public spotlight soon too.


We initially found this re-trend of a trend on Youtube’s Trending Blog:

Watch Call Me Maybe below or go directly to it here:


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