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Daily Archives: September 3, 2012

Emissions Monitoring Is Critical For The Air Quality Within And Without Factories For Emission Ventilation

Emissions Monitoring

By Sarah N. Hiers Emissions monitoring is required by law under the Clean Air Bill; it is a way for us to make sure that factories, homes, cars and other high emission locales are being closely monitored. The only way that researchers can make necessary changes, they need that critical ...

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Lend Your Professional Experience When You Are A Part Of A Corporate Board Advisory

Corporate Board Advisory

The entire world is acquainted with the particular saying which “no gentleman is an island.” Even though this is better used to demonstrate just how humans will need (and also crave) interaction with fellow men and women so that you can completely produce suggestions as well as relationships and thus ...

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James Holmes Denied Admission To University Of Iowa, Records Show Concern By Professors


A few University of Iowa professors issued a strong warning after meeting with James Holmes and denying him admission. In the days following Holmes’ interview, UI neurology Professor Dan Tranel emailed the admissions committee with the message “James Holmes: Do NOT offer admission under any circumstances.” Mark Blumberg, another UI ...

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