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Daily Archives: September 5, 2012

When Designing A Remodel Or An Addition Here’s Everything To Know About As Built Drawings

built drawings

By Latasha T. Wilkersone Finding the AS built drawings before starting a remodeling project is probably the single most important thing to do. Unfortunately, people may not know what the drawings are or what they represent. Even when found, they can be very inaccurate; but, regrettably, most of the time ...

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Battlestar Galatica: Three Decades Old And Still Going Strong

Battlestar Galatica

By Michael X. Feliciano Battlestar Galactica is a renowned television series that has kept evolving and making comebacks for the past thirty years- since its debut in 1978. Now, in addition to narratives, comic books, and board games, comes an exciting online version sure to excite die-hard fans. While many ...

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Chuck Norris Claims Reelecting Obama Will Bring ‘1,000 Years Of Darkness’

chucky norris

Chuck Norris has released a new video claiming that U.S. citizens face “1,000 years of darkness” if President Obama is reelected for a second term in November. The famous Chuck Norris released a two-minute video on his official YouTube channel warning of a “growing concern” that the America we know ...

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Less Than Pleasant Reception for Clinton in China’s State Media

a less than

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton arrived in Beijing Tuesday night to a plethora of incredibly harsh news coverage in china’s official news outlets. “In recent years, the China-U.S. relationship has maintained stability and achieved development,” the foreign minister, Yang Jiechi, told Mrs. Clinton in brief but positive remarks before ...

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