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Hostage holder surrenders in Pittsburgh

The 22 year old man who caused a stand off with police in Pittsburgh today after holding a man hostage in a downtown office building has surrendered. Klein Michael Thaxton entered the building early this morning and posted updates to Facebook as police evacuated the building. Upon posting that he had “lost everything” friends responded asking him to end the hostage situation peacefully and to think of his mother. The hostage has been identified as Charles Breitman, who was unharmed during the incident. A spokesperson for the Pittsburgh police said that Thaxton “is a sick young man and we do need to take measures to see he is taken care of as well. We don’t know if he’s related to this company. We don’t know what the tie-in is he has with this individual.” Police asked Facebook to disable the young man’s page this morning so that his attention could be focused on negotiation efforts. Thaxton surrendered without incident at 2 o’clock this afternoon.

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