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Apple is Out to prove it’s Still King With iPhone 5

A lot has changed in the five years since Apple first unveiled its popular iPhone smart phone device.  With the help of Steve Jobs’ magnetic personality and contagious excitement, the iPhone started a smart phone revolution.  A lot has changed since those early days of smart phones.  Blackberry devices, once the major competitor amongst smart devices, and Windows Mobile have both lost significant market share, making way for new mobile devices from Samsung and HTC that run on Google’s Android mobile operating system.  As of this summer, the Samsung Galaxy device was the most popular of all of the smart phone devices in terms of sales.  Apple did seem to expect the drop in iPhone sales over the summer, however.  The hype over the release of the iPhone 5 has been months in the making, and many Apple fan boys and fan girls have been waiting for this newest device before updating their older smart phone device.

It does not seem as though Apple has lost any momentum, however.  As of Monday, September 17, Apple Stores received a record number of pre-orders for the iPhone 5.  At over two million pre-orders already placed within twenty four hours for the September 21st release, fans who want to get their hands on the new iPhone on release day will have to camp out in front of the store.   The current version of the iPhone, the 4S, only saw fewer than one million pre-orders on the first day.

For all of Apple’s market inertia, however, a question still hangs in the air over whether the new iPhone 5 can keep up its steam over the course of its lifespan.  In the past, the iPhone has been leaps and bounds above their competition in terms of hardware device innovation.  Faster networks, more efficient memory and processing and a better camera were always highlights of a new iPhone release.  With the iPhone 5 however, this marks the first time when Apple’s smart phone device does not beat its competition in hardware innovation.  Apple is counting on its usability features in its iOS platform and the ergonomic design to keep it ahead of the competition.

The most anticipated ergonomic design for the iPhone 5, the four inch display, will be seen by many as a great improvement over their previous device dimensions.  Apple is actually a bit behind the curve on this one, though, as Samsung’s Galaxy device has offered this design feature for some time now.  Time has yet to tell whether the new Samsung Galaxy smart phone, which is due to be released in February, will be able to be ahead of the curve on ergonomic design going forward.

One of the biggest gambles Apple made from a software perspective is their new map application.  Financially speaking, Apple had to pay Google a large sum quarterly in order to license its Google Maps application.  With the new iOS6, Apple has now untethered from Google’s tech and created its own mapping application.  In typical Apple fashion, the vector graphics are clearer and more vibrant, providing a much more aesthetically pleasing experience for users.  Google has been in the mapping business for years now and has beat out its competitors in the past, so it remains to be seen whether Apple can compete successfully in this market.

The wireless carrier environment has changed significantly since the original iPhone release.  Where only one provider was able to carry the iPhone brand for the first release cycle for the iPhone, Apple has made strides to become more acceptable for other carriers, including smaller ones, to sell the iPhone 5.  Hopefully for Apple, this will only continue to broaden its user base.


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