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Tutoring Options for Struggling College Students

You’re in college. For the most part, things are going well. All except for that one class, right? That nightmare class where the teacher talks a million miles a minute (or not at all) and the text book seems to be written in a foreign language. You can’t drop the class. Maybe it’s too late, or maybe it’s a required course. So what can you do? Look for tutoring, of course.

Talk to the Teacher

The very first thing you should do is talk to the teacher. Many college instructors and professors have office hours during which they will tutor students who need extra help. Even if you find the teacher difficult to understand, approaching him with your concerns will clue him into the fact that you are struggling. Since your teacher is the source of the information and often the creator of your exams, you should go to him first.

Talk to Other Students in the Class

Who in your class do you know who is doing well? Do you have a friend or fellow classmate you can approach for help? Many students who are doing well have no problem helping other students. Sometimes it takes another person’s perspective to make an idea click and suddenly make sense. Ask your classmates for help and see how it goes. If you don’t actually know the person you’re asking, offer to buy the next round of morning coffee or to pay for his time. He may or may not charge you, but it’s polite to offer.

Campus Tutoring Groups

Some college campuses offer formal tutoring groups through the guidance offices or library. You can contact these services to find out if there are any groups meeting to work on the subject matter you are struggling with. Sometimes these groups are free and sometimes there are nominal charges; and sometimes the tutors are other professors and peers. Contact your guidance office to find out what options are available.

Third Party Tutoring

If you can’t find any other option, consider hiring an outside tutor for help. There are dozens of highly qualified professionals who offer full or part-time tutoring services to individuals at all levels of education. Call around and ask for information, looking for a few places that offer tutoring in the subject matter you’re struggling with. Make sure the tutors have the level of education you’re striving for, ask for interviews, compare prices, and make a choice. It means spending a little more money, but it also means you’ll have a passing grade and will cost less than retaking the entire course.

Don’t become frustrated if you are having trouble with math, science, writing, or any other subject. I myself went through a New York math tutoring service to get out of my final college math class. There’s nothing wrong with admitting you need a little help so that you can build a stronger foundation for your future!

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