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Five Top Tools for Testing Website Performance

You may have noticed that there are quite a lot of websites out there online these days. Hundreds of millions, in fact. That means that today, more than ever, it’s important that your site is in the best possible shape. If page load times are bad, or the site has compatibility issues, or your pages cause browser slowdown, your users will simply go and get what they need somewhere else. With that said, here’s our collection of five handy tools that are a great way to find out just how well your site is performing and how to improve it.

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Light Speed Now

If you’re not a wiz at the more intricate parts of site performance, then it would be advisable to start with Light Speed Now. The tool is actually one of the most simple site performance testers on the internet: all you need to do is put in the site’s URL and Light Speed Now will email you the loading time of your website’s URL. Basic, yes; but it’s a great place to get started if you’re not too confident with the more complex tools.


Pingdom may have a name which sounds like some rubbish mystical city in a Lord of the Rings book, but in reality it’s actually a fantastic and unbelievably simple tool to ensure several elements of your site are running as they should. Pingdom looks at everything from HTML, Images, RSS, CSS and Frames and checks each individual factor for loading speeds. Simple but effective.

Site Perf

There are many browsers on the market, but which one is the quickest for your website? Perhaps you want to figure out and improve the speed on a particular browser – if so; Site Perf is the tool for you. It’ll give you a performance overview of your site on a particular browser, so you can determine which it’s suited for best and which browsers may have some compatibility issues that need to be worked on.


It’s a competitive market out there, so any tool to help you figure out whether you’re ahead of the competition is worthy of a look. Webslug is a tool which gives you the ability to pitch your website’s performance against competitors, page by page.

So long as you’re ahead of the competition, you know you’re doing well.

Page Test

Page Test is a handy Internet Explorer add-on which not only determines the speed of your website’s pages but also gives you helpful tips on how to improve the performance. Everyone is learning in the internet business, so any advice has to be beneficial, right?

So, there you have it. There are lots of unbelievably clever but simple to use tools out there which should help you get the performance of your site up to par. What are you waiting for?

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