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Obama May Help Nigerian Student Living In U.S. Illegally

victor-chukwuekeThis heart-warming story begins with Victor Chukwueke coming to America nearly 11 years ago.  He suffers from a rare disorder called neurofibromatosis, that results in massive tumors on his face.  These tumors if untreated can be life-threatening, however Victor Chukwueke is very lucky.

When he first came to the United states many years ago, he had the dream of becoming a doctor.  Those dreams previously were laughed at and mocked in his home country of Nigeria.  People ostracized and criticized him for his unique look and tumorous face.  In the face of adversity and hate, Victor Chukwueke persevered and is now potentially going to be granted a very rare political relief.

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Victor is currently awaiting Obama’s signature on  private bill that would null and void his ‘expired’ status as an immigrant and allow him complete freedoms and citizenship of the U.S..  After his family abandoned him in an orphanage back home, staying in the U.S. means much more to Victor than just being able to get a job or go to school.  His life, his friends, and now his supporters are all rallying for him in hopes that he will be one of the few people to receive this distinction.  Unfortunately it is very rare, but with his unique case, I’m hoping he will be successful.

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