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Tips for Balancing Work and Life

Balancing Work and Life

Work can engage your mind, offer up new friendships and connections, and, of course, provide you with that monthly paycheck you need to survive. Unfortunately, the focus on work and its constant demands can leave you struggling to juggle your job with the rest of your life. Here are a few tips to help you better balance your work and take control of your life.

1. Plan your downtime.

Life’s not all about management videos and conference calls. When creating an agenda for your week, schedule time with your family and friends along with all those business meetings and training sessions. You need simple activities to help you recharge. Having something fun on your calendar will give you something to look forward to, whether it’s a romantic evening with your spouse or a game night with your pals. You have that extra little incentive to use your time wisely so you won’t have to cancel those fun plans.

Downtime doesn’t always mean big plans. Far too often, people wake up, shower, grab a quick breakfast, and rush out the door. Wake up a few hours earlier to go for a run, eat a good breakfast, and spend time with the family. Your corporate communication training session isn’t going anywhere; it will be there when you get to work, so slow down and smell the roses.

2. Exercise regularly.

Making room for exercise in an already packed schedule is seemingly Herculean, but exercise comes with a whole host of benefits. Exercise will reduce your stress, keep you healthy, and give you a boost of endorphins that can fuel your mood and motivate you at work and at home. You’ll make clearer decisions and be refilled with the hope and optimism that working long hours is prone to drain away.

3. Do away with pointless tasks that sap your time and energy.

It’s far too common to find yourself wasting precious time on activities or people that add very little value. That could include talking with that coworker who only gossips and complains, clicking away on social media sites, or making too many personal calls. Leadership training dissuades much of these pointless activities. Limit these habits and you may find yourself getting work done quicker and thus getting home sooner.

When you’re at home, the same rules apply. Don’t get home and sit in front of your computer the rest of the day or channel surf aimlessly. While there are certainly times to do those things, you can be more productive about it. Only watch TV when your favorite show comes on, and set a time limit for your Internet use at home. You’ll learn to invest your time better and discover much more exciting things beyond the glowing screen.

4. A little goes a long way.

Try not to think that you need some huge, table-flipping change to bring more balance to your life. It all starts with small, realistic goals, like spending an hour or two each week doing something you truly love or planning a weekend vacation once a year. Even on the busiest of days, give yourself 10 to 15 minutes to do something that relaxes and recharges your batteries. Life is more often than not about those little things, so make sure you make room for them.

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