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Get Iconic Clothes Featuring Astrology Signs at Label New York



Love Astrology? So Why Not Wear It?

M_CottonBlue_Tee_Hour_NavyOne of our Global Good Partners out in New York is making some amazing shirts and clothes. These completely custom pieces of art are all made by hand and feature some really cool graphics. Some of the shirts feature various signs of the Zodiac while others get into some more deep topics like Hinduism, Sacred Geometry, Islam, Flora and Fauna and more. W_CottonPeac_Tee_PhilH_Blk

Personally we have been wearing around some of the sponsored goods from Jeffrey, the founder of Label New York and absolutely love them. The cottons and other materials feel great on your skin and what feels better is wearing a symbol that you really believe in. With hundreds of choices and a huge catalog online to choose from you are sure to find something you like. Even more fun is wearing the shirts with your significant other or friends to symbolize what you guys believe in. Whether it is a religion, cult like following or organization behind the symbol you like, or anything else he may just carry it in stock.

Don’t forget to hop on over to today to find something extra special that you will want to wear around all of the time!

Recently they headed up a blog too with some great articles so don’t forget to share some of them with your friends so they can discover some of these cool finds too!


example of a Zodiac shirt for a cancer
example of a Zodiac shirt for a cancer


Gemini Shirt
Gemini Shirt


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