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Flipping Houses: The Top 5 Necessary Renovations

It is rare to find an investment property that can be flipped immediately without performing any renovations or repairs. It is important to choose the renovations carefully in the house in order to maximize the return on investment. This means knowing what is important to make the house livable. It also means knowing what buyers in the market are looking for today. Five renovations are almost always necessary when flipping a house.

Flipping Houses: The Top 5 Necessary Renovations

Install Modern Windows

Home Buyers today are educated about efficiency. This is why it is important to install modern energy-efficient windows when flipping a house. Poor quality windows are the top cause of energy loss in a home throughout the year. Buyers will look to see whether the windows in the home are energy-efficient, professionally installed and in good condition. Energy-efficient windows reduce the cost of electricity bills, increase comfort and potentially block damaging ultraviolet rays. Installing new home windows also makes the home more attractive from the curb.

Roof Renovation

The roof is one of the most important areas to renovate when flipping a home. The roof is a visible feature that adds to curb appeal. It is also something buyers will want to know is in the best condition possible since it protects the entire house from weather damage. The exterior should be cleaned and any missing shingles replaced. Gutters and downspouts should be clean and in good condition. The decking, underlayment and other parts of the roof should be replaced if there is any rotted wood, cracking or water damage.

Update the Kitchen

The majority of home buyers today are looking for houses that have updated kitchens. Renovating an old kitchen is essential when flipping a house. The countertop should be clean and attractive. Dated or unattractive cabinets must be replaced. Fixtures should have a modern and appealing look. Any very old appliances must be replaced or at least removed. Although a complete redesign is not necessary, a house will move much more quickly if the kitchen has a modern and bright appearance.

Replace Flooring and Carpeting

It is usually necessary to replace the flooring and carpeting in different areas of a house before it can be flipped. The existing carpeting could have a strange odor, could be full of allergens or could have stains underneath. Anyone coming in to view the home will be looking at the flooring carefully as an indicator of the condition of the rest of the house. Carpeting should be replaced. Vinyl or linoleum should be replaced if it has an unkempt or faded appearance. Damaged wood or veneer floors should be repaired. Attractive floors will impress potential buyers.

Renovate Bathroom Fixtures

Homebuyers want bathrooms that are clean, modern and spacious. It is no longer enough to have just a functional bathroom. It must be attractive and comfortable. This means reviewing each of the bathroom fixtures from the toilet and to the shower. Anything that looks worn or messy should be replaced. The floor should be renovated if tiles are loose or dated. Renovating a bathroom is actually not as difficult or expensive as changing other areas of the home. A bathroom with elegant and attractive fixtures can make a difference when trying to flip a house fast.

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