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December, 2012

November, 2012

  • 5 November

    Plumbing: A Critical Convenience

    Plumbing is one of the most central facets of modern life, a hidden convenience without which our day-to-day existence would be remarkably different. We pay little attention to plumbing, but it can be found almost anywhere you look, from your shower to your kitchen sink. Why is plumbing so important? ...

  • 5 November

    Urgent Care–What You Need To Know!

    For many, there is some confusion regarding the difference between what is designated as an ’emergency room’ and what is designated as ‘urgent care”.  ‘ER’ vs. ‘Urgent Care’: An emergency facility within a hospital,  known as ‘ER’ or emergency room, caters to life-threatening situations such as gunshot wounds, poisonings, heavy ...

October, 2012

  • 29 October

    The Process of Bankruptcy

    What the Constitution Says Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution allows Congress to make laws concerning bankruptcy.  This gave Congress the right to create the Bankruptcy Code in 1978, which governs all the laws for bankruptcy.  The Bankruptcy Code and rules sets the standards for dealing with ...

  • 26 October

    Blood Diamonds: What Are They?

    Blood diamonds are diamonds that originate from areas controlled by forces in a particular war zone and are sold to help finance an armed rebellion, targeted war efforts or the activities of a particular warlord. Blood diamonds do go by various other names, which signify their dubious origin.  Names such ...

  • 20 October

    What You Should Know About Tooth Implants!

    When people think of a tooth implant, they often think they are only important for cosmetic purposes.  When you need to fix your smile or replace a broken tooth, you think of a tooth implant.  While those are great reasons for getting a tooth implant, there are serious health advantages ...

  • 3 October

    Ultrasounds for Health and Bonding

    Prenatal Ultrasounds Prenatal ultrasounds are usually done during week 20 of pregnancy.  This is needed to confirm that the placenta is healthy and the baby is growing properly.  Also, it allows the doctor to see the heart and movement of the baby’s arms and legs.  During this time they will ...