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February, 2013

January, 2013

  • 24 January

    Evolution Of The Household Lightbulb

    Image by: Wonderlane There’s nothing quite like shedding light on this particular interior design topic, is there? But (some) joking aside, lighting is a vital aspect of any home. A poorly lit room isn’t just annoying; it’s bad for your eyes, not to mention utterly depressing. Whatever natural light your home ...

  • 24 January

    5 Futuristic Bicycles

    Bicycles are probably one simple piece of engineering which won’t disappear any time soon, yet there are a lot of designs out there for more practical or more stylish bikes. Some of these designs manage to incorporate both attributes, others however don’t. Bicycle in a Nutshell… Well, Backpack You need ...

  • 24 January

    What A Pair! The Artistic Merits of a Saucy Postcard

    Alongside cups of tea, roast dinners and pubs, the saucy seaside postcard remains as much a defining staple of the British heritage as apple pie is to America.  With its hen-pecked husbands, busty females, miserable wives, and endless stream of double entendres, this very particular and very British combination of ...

  • 24 January

    The 13 Sins of the DIY Devil

    Damn that little DIY devil, sitting on your shoulder telling you to skimp on materials and buy more wall filler. He suggested DIY in the first place, you don’t even like DIY. Last time you used any tools was in design technology, where you spent most of your time melting ...

  • 24 January

    Things to Know When Renting Above a Pub

    If your home is your sanctuary and the place you return after work for peace and harmony, living above a pub could be quite a strenuous experience for you. However, if you’re a heavy sleeper and don’t mind living literally at the heart of the local party, the lower costs ...

  • 24 January

    5 Useful Tips For Your Wedding Invitations

    Image by Jamie. So you’ve decided on the big day and it’s time to invite your guests! There are so many things to do when organising a wedding that it’s easy to miss some and end up having to deal with them at the last minute. But what you don’t ...