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November, 2011

  • 28 November

    8 Ways to Take Cool Portrait Shots

    Are you tired of the same old Facebook self-portraits that you have been taking for the last couple of years? Here’s a secret―so is everyone else. With the new Facebook timeline, there are great reason to actually get some cool portraits up. If you have a friend that wants to ...

  • 27 November

    T-Shirts; A Cotton Canvas.

    Once regarded merely as an undergarment, t-shirts soon gained worldwide acceptance as everyday outer apparel. Predominately cotton-based, these simple and comfortable garments are easy to wear, and now easier and easier to customize yourself. T-shirt necklines vary and colors run the gamut. They can be dressed up, dressed down, worn ...

  • 17 November

    Top Architectural Structures

    Throughout the ages we’ve had some incredible displays of architectural prowess, the most notable of which have generally been labeled as Wonders of the World. Numbered among these ancient near mystical giants is Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Giza. I may not be a professional architect but I can tell ...

  • 16 November

    The Art Of Landscape Architecture

    If you’ve ever spent time wandering through a carefully cultivated arboretum or public garden, letting yourself get lost in the myriad shapes and textures there, then you’ve experienced firsthand the art of landscape architecture. More than simply moving earth and plants from one place to another, landscape architecture is the ...

  • 15 November

    10 of History’s Worst Art Scams and Forgeries

    Through time there have been many copyists and forgers of exquisite artwork. Here is a rundown of 10 of the worst scams and forgeries since the dawn of time…   1. Jacopo di Poggibonsi 1418-1449 This Italian artist commonly known as a ‘master forger’ is alleged to have imitated works ...

  • 14 November

    Six Wildest Feats of Livable Architecture

    As societies continue to grow horizontally as much as vertically, architects have been challenged to develop new ways to create homes. The following five structures are among the most unusual livable architectural feats in the world. 1. Habitat 67. Montreal, Canada Originally designed by Moshe Safdie in 1967 as a ...

  • 11 November

    Thanksgiving To-Do List

    Thanksgiving To Do List

    Thanksgiving is just weeks away and you are already packed and ready to go right? Alright, you probably aren’t that prepared but you are definitely counting down(T-10 days). There are so many things that you are looking forward to when you go home. The turkey dinner, the family time, and ...

  • 11 November

    Save Money The Festive Way 10 Top Tips for Saving Money This Xmas

    Christmas is the most expensive holiday of the year. Family and friends deserve the best gift you can come up with, but your wallet may demand you take it easy on the shopping. Fortunately, you can have it both ways. You can give family and friends gifts they will enjoy ...

  • 10 November

    Parmenides I Light Sculpture by Dev Harlan

    California native Dev Harlan is an artist who embraces many mediums.  Using tangible sculpture, light and projection, the self educated designer combines physical and virtual worlds to create his own brand of art. Also a CG director, his works are immediately identified in the industry and is inspirational to those that dwell ...

  • 10 November

    MSC Yacht Club Splendida – Mediterranean Cruise

    On the ships of MSC Cruises you will discover a perfect blend of European charm and modern Italian elegance where you can savor a steamy cappuccino or a refreshing gelato with an ever-changing view. Aboard the MSC Splendida, you can discover the most beautiful parts of the Mediterranean Sea in ...

  • 10 November

    Sotheby’s Art Sale totaled $315.8 million!

    Sotheby held an evening sale that exceeded even their most optimistic estimates. After a shaky day at the stock market, many art collectors raced to put their available cash into art. The evening sale at Sothebys totaled $315.8 million, and beat out rival Christie’s auction on Tuesday night, where $247.6 ...

October, 2011