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October, 2012

September, 2012

  • 27 September

    4 New Visually Creative Blogging Practices

    A little creative input can go a long way in terms of making it big in the blogging scene. We should always think of ways that could entice our readers to follow our blog so that we will remain in this business. There’s something about popular blogs that make them ...

  • 24 September

    The Ins and Outs of Entertainment Systems

    The world of home entertainment is vast, ranging anywhere from a small tv in the corner of the living room to comprehensive home cinemas. With digital entertainment a huge part of people’s lives today, many are opting for more all-inclusive systems and multi-room entertainment. Multi-room entertainment can come in the ...

  • 24 September

    The Ethics of Social Rewards

    In recent years, we’ve heard of the term “gamification” thrown around in both the mobile and social media space. Gamification refers to the creation of game-like settings where users of social networks or mobile applications are able to benefit ...

  • 20 September

    What is Mobile Repeater and How Does It Work?

    When modern people have the first time faced up with problems with mobile phone connection, they immediately started to develop a kind of technical means which is able to solve this kind of problems. The point is in the following. Coverage of mobile communication is not infinite, and connection can ...