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Over 200 contributors write content for the Global Good Network which reaches over 1 Million people in 200+ countries. A few of our most dedicated writers are below.



Rick Jeffries

Rick Jeffries

(United States / Atlanta)  Rick Jeffries works very closely with Hip-Hop Artists domestic and international. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Rick is also the founder of GlobalGoodGroup.com and GlobalGoodMusicGroup.com. Rick Jeffries has over 5 years of online writing and blogging under his belt and is very active on Twitter (@GoGlobalGood). You can contact Rick directly by email: globalgoodgroup@gmail.com.

Josh Bois

Josh Bois

(United States / Santa Clara)  Josh Bois is currently the CEO of Global Good Networks and GlobalGoodMedia.com as well as a co-founder of GlobalGoodGroup.com. Has been in Media, Technology, and Startup Environments for 11 years since he started his first consulting and media firm. At 24 his strategy, innovation, and marketing resources have inspired many other young entrepreneurs to get online, go global, and change the world.

 Isidori “Izzy” Mtabo 

(United States / Atlanta / Tanzania)  Isidori “Izzy” Mtabo is a 22 years old entrepreneur who happened to fall in love with writing. Currently in school for international business, he works very closely with Rick and Josh to help spread the message of globalgood around the whole world.


Lady Blogga

Lady Blogga (Tamika Hall-Frye)

(United States / New York)  Tamika Hall-Frye, better known as tha Lady Blogga, is a contributing writer for a number of Internet sites including her own, thaLadyBlogga.com. She is also the author of QBR Publisher’s relationship storybook compilation “The Little Things We Learn In Life”. With an M.A.E.D. in Writing and 9 years of teaching experience under her belt, she put her teaching career on hold to pursue writing full time. She can be contacted at LadyBlogga@gmail.com.

Content Affiliates & Partners

LeVar Thomas (United States / Miami)

I am a Singer, Songwriter & Co-Founder/Editor-In-Chief of stupidDOPE born and raised in South Carolina.

I am a Gemini and I believe music is life!


Nick Sim (United Kingdom)
Lead Editor
Theme Park Tourist


Shane Breen (United States / Miami)

Founder of StupidDOPE.com



Authors & Editors

Albert Qian Albert Qian

(United States / Santa Clara)  Albert Qian is a Social Media Enthusiast and Facebook nerd living, working and playing in Silicon Valley. He comments on social media happenings when he can and works on social media when the sun goes down. Learn more about him at the links below and follow him on Twitter @albertqian.


Bem Joiner

(United States / Atlanta) Bio Coming Soon…



Keisha Wilson (United States / Atlanta)

A self proclaimed nerd, I’m Just Keish is on a mission to change the world one click at a time.  Hailing from Country Club Hills, IL ( Chicago Suburb ), a writer and marketing enthusiast  connecting relationships and building bridges across markets to inform, educate, and inspire.  A lover of God and Hip Hop, ImJust Keish’s journey has begun with the help of industry support from like minded individuals seeking new and innovative ways to re introduce brands back into  the community.   



Naika Colas

(United States / New York) Bio Coming Soon…




(Africa/United States / New York / Clothing & Apparel) Bio Coming Soon…

Website: http://mpireles.com/



Tory Edwards (United States / Atlanta / Videographer)

Vimeo: Link

Bio Coming Soon…


Contributors & Writers

Alex Chrum 
(St. Louis)  Alex graduated from Webster University in August of 2011 with her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and minors in Gender Studies and Media Communications. She currently works as a Senior Content Specialist for Juggle.com, and volunteers for the nonprofit Women’s Rights organization AlphaWom in her free time. An avid reader and writer, she hopes to someday publish a collection of nonfiction short stories. She currently lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her mom and Shih Tzu, Marleigh.

Andrew Knight 

(Brisbane/Australia)  Andrew Knight – ”I’m Andrew and I live in Brisbane. I enjoy sharing information that helps raise awareness for good causes. I have a passion for sharing information about many topics. I believe that we are in great need of truthful information, as it linked to us.”


Alexa Kern

Alexa Judith

(United States / San Francisco)  Alexa Judith. 18. San Francisco. Political Science Major. music. politics. fashion.travel. my cat izzy.
My life is connected through music and memories.


 Deanna Proach

(Canada) Deanna Proach – Historical fiction turned YA/suspense writer. I’ve completed my second novel, ‘To be Maria’, now I’m writing the sequal.



Emily Murray

(United States / Arizona) Emily is an Internet marketer and blogger with a background in journalism.



Garry Pickles

(United Kingdon) Garry Pickles is the managing director of UK based Internet marketing company Online Media Direct. Founded in 2007 Garry specialises in providing Internet Marketing services. At the age of 28 Garry is also an author on his companies own blog – http://blog.onlinemediadirect.co.uk.  You can reach Garry directly at garry.pickles@onlinemediadirect.biz.

James Helliwell

(United Kingdom) James  graduated from Swansea University as a graphic designer and quickly moved into web design. What really interested him was the power of Search Engine Optimisation and White Hat link building to generate traffic and sales conversion and realised this was where he could build his expertise and effectively help businesses develop.

Jennifer Lynn

(United States / Washington D.C.)  Jennifer Lynn lives in DC, is indifferent to the metro and loves brunch. She is an expert on plant-based nutrition having been certified at Cornell University and currently works in the fitness industry.


Joe Petchonka

(United States / New York)  Joe Petchonka has been a writer for over five years, and has written for newspapers, websites and automotive dealerships. In addition to having an extensive writing background and bachelor’s degree in English, he has helped companies develop professional material to help them achieve their goals.

 Lauren Tessin
(United States / Michigan)  Lauren is a stay at home mom that enjoys spending time with her children, blogging and keeping active in her spare time.



Miscelleana Rhinehart

(United States / Southern California)  Miscelleana Rhinehart has been writing for more than four years with her experience hitting a wide range of topics. Ms. Rhinehart has written for newspapers such as the Long Beach Business Journal, magazines such as the Destinations Magazine and the Ultimate Athlete Magazine, and automotive blog sites such as MI Auto Times and the Atlantic Toyota and Huntington Blog. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and two minors in Business, Ms. Rhinehart enjoys writing about any subject, topic or information. Currently, she writes for Nexteppe, a marketing and SEO company helping dealerships sell through the use of social media and web design as well as offering a new way to search online classifieds.

Maggie Voelker
(United States / Indiana)  Maggie is a recent college grad working as a content writer in Indianapolis, IN. With an educational background in science, she’s a total nerd when it comes to staying up-to-date on the latest trends in medicine and nutrition and loves sharing the knowledge with others. Outside of the books, Maggie is a wannabe world traveler, a rookie cook, and fashion fiend who believes bargain hunting should be an Olympic sport.


Maggie Walter
(St. Louis) Maggie Walter  – Maggie is currently working at a software company called Juggle.com. Starting as an online marketing intern, Maggie has moved throughout the company as a website content specialist and a workforce recruiter through the crowdsourcing platform Amazon Mechanical Turk. Outside of working, Maggie loves to read, drink coffee and watch as many movies as she can to make the most accurate Oscar predictions.


Rivka Slatkin

(United States / Maryland) Rivka Slatkin is a mom of 3 and she enjoys writing reviews on the safest baby monitors on her blog, http://www.baby-monitors-reviews.com during her baby’s naptimes all while listening out for him on her favorite baby monitor!  Check Out Her Website Here: baby-monitors-reviews.com

Sharon Hurley Hall

(Barbados) Sharon Hurley Hall  –  I’m everything a successful professional writer is supposed to be and a few things they’re not. For example…I have almost 25 years of experience writing professionally – as a journalist, an academic writer, a blogger, a ghost writer and an online copy writer.  I love to write, I don’t just do it because I can and I’m good at it – which makes writing the only and obvious choice for my career and business.  I’m fanatical about deadlines (not just strict, but almost obsessive) – I have not missed a deadline in over 20 years.

Veronica Davis

(United States/Kansas City area) Veronica Davis is a full-time freelance writer, the Kansas City Internet Business Examiner columnist and marketer. She’s the gal behind vGal and has been helping businesses develop an effective presence online since 2007. She writes for and works with a number of sites around the web and works from home where she lives with her two young boys. You can reach her at veronica@vgal.info or @vgal.


Pictures & Bios Coming Soon


Rosette Summer

Bio Coming Soon…




Darren Mac

Bio Coming Soon…



Tyler Moore

Bio Coming Soon…



Jon Stokes

Bio Coming Soon…



Jack Thompson

Bio Coming Soon…



Lucy Pullon
(United Kingdom / London) Bio Coming Soon…




Kurt Weller
(United States / Washington D.C.) Bio Coming Soon…



David Beastall

(United Kindom)  Bio Coming Soon….




Marlon Powell
(United States / Sacramento) Web Marketing Analyst | Bio Coming Soon…

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