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2014 BMW i8 coupe sneak peak

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gorgeous, huh?
Without even getting to the i8 part were sure that seeing 2014 BMW in the title already got your blood pumping if you love automobiles at all whatsoever. BMW is known for their luxury vehicles but more importantly they are known for their performance. One word that many fans rarely hear these days in the performance world is that of hybrid or eco-friendly related terms. To counter these popular perceptions about their brand and its’ sustainability BMW has been working hard for years on more fuel efficient models that are also luxurious and perform well. In addition to the Active E BMW which is already out and we will be covering in a separate article there is the 2014 BMW i8 coupe which is very sexy and cannot be over looked.

So what is the BMW i8?

BMW outdid themselves with this one. It is the most futuristic car to come to market, that I have personally seen atleast, and it is an all drive hyrbid. This model has appeared in Frankfurt in 2009 as well as at the 2012 New York Auto Show most recently. Road and Track covers the car in high detail and you may want to check it out on their BMW i8 spec breakdown. If all else fails your crave for i8 knowledge then we recommend going straight to the BMW-I.com full site.  You can plug in this BMW i8 to the wall for electric energy, and then enjoy its eDrive feature, “An Electrifying Driving Experience” as they explain on BMW-I.com.
Whats craziest about this BMW i8? You can control all sorts of functions from your iphone such as finding where your car is, controlling and seeing how much of it has charged and pre-conditioning your car to the right temperature before driving. Pretty awesome!

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