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2015 BMW M4 latest rendering via BMWBlog

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BMW M4 Is as sexy as it gets, and then some

What is better than a BMW M1? M3? Surely it is the M4. We were actually unaware of this M4 model until we found it on BMWBlog today. Known for top performance the M Series is in a class of its own. Often times it is able to beat out other brands such as Porche and the top of the line cars from other brands with all of their goodies under the trunk. For BMW the M Series is about way way way more than just adding a turbo charger and some extra struts for handling and such. It is much more than adding some faster tires and a few aero dynamic gestures. For BMW the M Series is IT! It is the thing to have.
For any serious car enthusiast you likely follow some BMW M series news because it is seriously the ultimate car. Whenever I have driven or been driven in an M you just feel the power underneath you as it effortlessly accelerates, handles corners, and stops gently like an angel.
We obviously are big Beamer fans here but the BMW M4 may take the cake. Although we are only really knowledgeable about the M3, M5, and M6 the blog mentioned that the F82 M4 Coupe is based on the new 4 series coupe which is also less known so far. Stay tuned for more news!
Check out more BMW news on BMWBlog: http://www.bmwblog.com/2012/08/16/newest-rendering-2015-bmw-m4/

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