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Broccoli Soup Recipe: Vegan, Gluten Free, & Diabetic Friendly!

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Quick & Easy Broccoli Soup Recipe: Vegan, Gluten Free, & Diabetic Friendly!


Broccoli, broccoli, broccoli!

Gluten Free Vegan Broccoli Soup
Gluten Free Vegan Broccoli Soup

This broccoli soup recipe is very easy and quick for broccoli lovers and it is the perfect blend of ingredients to throw together when there is nothing left in your cupboards. It’s decently filling given the good serving of fiber that it provides. Oh and this deliciously healthy soup is vegan and gluten free with a high serving of vitamin A. Vitamin A keeps many areas of your body healthy like your skin, teeth, bones, eyes, and most importantly it helps keep your immune system solid! No need for a vitamin A supplement because your body doesn’t need very much vitamin A and as long as you eat plenty of fruits and veggies, you’re getting enough! It is also super packed with vitamin C, providing you with 80% of your daily value… thanks broccoli! Yes, broccoli deserves a thank you because we all know that one of our best wrinkle fighters is vitamin C! So start fighting the aging process of your skin and get a quick nutritious boost from this yummy soup!

Broccoli Soup Recipe
Frozen Broccoli Florets

Organic Ingredients to Purchase for this Recipe:

10 oz. broccoli florets (frozen is fine)

15 oz. veggie broth

½ tsp. curry powder

½ tsp. salt

1/8 tsp. pepper

½ tsp. grated lemon peel

 ½ tsp. lemon juice

Alce Nero Organic Vegetable Broth
Alce Nero Organic Vegetable Broth

To Cook:

  1. Blend together the thawed broccoli florets, the veggie broth, the curry powder, and the salt and pepper until smooth.
  2. Pour the mixture into a saucepot (about 3 qt.) and add the grated lemon peel and the lemon juice.
  3. Cook on medium heat until hot.
  4. Serve yourself and one other person because this recipe serves 2!

Some nutrition facts for your diabetics out there!

Estimated Carbs in this meal are 9 grams per serving. Estimated Calories in this meal are 70 calories per serving. This will vary obviously depending on the brands of food you purchase.

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