California Wine Country Holiday Forecast: More DUI Checkpoints

California Wine Country Holiday Forecast: More DUI Checkpoints
California is one of the most beautiful states in the country to visit. There are many reasons why people choose to vacation in the state, but anyone who visits should try their best to enjoy the wineries in Napa Valley. The history of wineries in the area dates all the way back to the early 1800s, so everyone pretty much agrees that Napa Valley is one of the best areas in the country for wine tasting tourists. Unfortunately for some, there are new chances that a person could wind up in jail for their wine tasting trip.
Why more DUI checkpoints?
The State of California has recently provided grants to several counties throughout the state in an effort to reduce occurrences of driving under the influence. These grants affect several areas throughout the state, and Napa Valley happens to be one of them. Many people heading through central Calif. and the surrounding areas find names and numbers for Merced Lawyers once they learn that a few too many sips of wine on their vacation can land them in a California jail.
The grants that California has provided for these areas are meant to provide funding for several key fronts on the state’s battle against DUIs.  Uses of the money will include the purchase of handheld breathalyzer machines, paying overtime to ensure DUI checkpoints are staffed, and training of new officers.
How Easy it is to get a DUI in California?
It’s actually easy to get a DUI in just about any state, but California has made it a bit easier. Just like every other area in America, California’s legal blood alcohol content (BAC) for driving is .08 percent. This can be bad since wine tasters can sometimes get ‘buzzed’ quicker than they expect when traveling through the wine country. Many people fail to remember that wine has a higher alcohol content than beer, and this leaves many tourists in dire straights.
The increased funding for DUI checkpoints also makes it much easier for an unsuspecting tourist to receive a drunken driving charge. Merced, Calif. is on the main route between Southern California and the Napa Valley wineries, so many drivers are finding themselves in trouble in the city. Anyone charged with the crime of DUI, regardless of where they are in California, should find a lawyer immediately. Without one, they could face serious consequences.
Consequences of a California DUI
The increased funding for checkpoints have definitely increased the probability that a person enjoying their wine tastings could get a DUI, so it’s important for everyone to know the consequences that they could face if they’re convicted.
Is there jail time?
Jail time related to California DUIs can go up to a year for simple offenses in some cases, but even one conviction can land a person in jail for up to six months. Even if they’re not sentenced this harshly, they’ll usually spend at least four days in jail.
Ignition Interlock Devices?
Some counties in California actually require the installation of an ignition interlock device after a person’s first DUI conviction. This is rather harsh considering the other fines that a person will likely face after the indictment.
What about loss of License?
One of the most detrimental aspects of being convicted of a DUI is the loss of a person’s license. In California, a first time offense can cause a person to lose their license for up to ten months. Some tourists think they’re in the clear just because they have a license from a different state, but other states will definitely recognize the suspension.

Getting a DUI anywhere in America is detrimental, and California just made it excessively easier for people to get one. Tourists can accidentally sneak over the .08 BAC line without even realizing it once the wine they’ve drank enters their bloodstream. Since many tourists go from winery to winery, they may already be on the road before they’re actually under the influence. Because of these reasons, any person who is arrested in Merced or any other area throughout California should find themselves a good lawyer quickly.

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