Carhartt Scrubs: Office Wear or Street Clothes?

Carhartt ScrubsIt’s a trend that’s starting to show itself more and more: medical professionals walking down the street, going for lunch, and taking the train while wearing their scrubs. As medical scrubs become more fashionable and durable simultaneously, nurses and other scrub wearers are finding it easier to wear scrubs all day rather than change before and after work. Some are happy that newer scrubs are fashionable, but others fear the risk of infection.
Many years ago doctors and surgeons wore their regular street clothes when working, with occasionally just an apron to protect their clothing from blood spatters. This practice has since become known as being unsanitary, and over the years medical apparel has become a standard of working in the medical field, to protect against the spreading of infectious diseases, and to keep medical care sanitary. It has also evolved into a fashionable industry with Carhartt scrubs, Mary Engelbright, and others bringing style and function to medical garb.
Some hospitals issue scrubs that must be kept in the hospital, and are laundered by a commercial service. However, the majority of doctors offices, private practices, and the multitude of other medical institutions allow nurses to take their scrubs home to be laundered. This opens up the opportunity for nurses to wear scrubs to and from work, and the risk of disease comes along with it.
Add to this the fact that medical scrubs are becoming more and more durable. Carhartt scrubs, for instance, are known to withstand heavy wear and tear, and they come in a multitude of styles and colors. Mary Engelbright scrubs is another brand that offers feminine styling. The combination of style and durability in the Carhartt scrub makes nurses more willing to wear their scrubs all the time.
Scrubs have also come to signify a sign of respect for some, showing that they are a member of the medical profession. In Carhartt uniforms nurses feel that they look good, and earn the respect that their many years of college and difficult jobs demand.
Many nurses who launder their own scrubs will keep them separate from household clothing to prevent the spread of germs. Those who oppose the wearing of medical scrubs in settings outside of the workplace say that this is hypocrisy – wearing the scrubs out of work exposes many strangers to those same germs that medical professionals are trying to protect their families from.
It is the responsibility of doctors to enforce policies in their offices whereby nurses and any medical professionals they employ must change into and out of scrubs when arriving and leaving for their shifts. The only way medical scrubs can be kept from contaminating others is by limiting their wear to the premises of the medical facility.
Bio:  A freelance writer by profession, Michelle shops for her husband’s scrubs and has come to appreciate the nuances of a well made scrub. She favors the Carhartt uniform, as well as Wink scrubs among her personal leading brands.

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