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DC Influence: Designing Ad Campaigns for Worldwide Notice

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Creating the perfect ad for an American audience is definitely challenging for a new company, and attempting to take your marketing efforts to an international audience requires an even higher level of attention to detail. After all, what captures the attention of one culture is not necessarily going to have the same impact somewhere else. If you want to take the leap and market your ad campaigns to an international audience, then you should utilize the following tips.

1) Diversify Your Campaign– Although it would be more cost-effective to design only one advertisement, this is not usually the best way to ensure good results. Instead, you should focus on a few target markets and create new versions of your current ad template with each market’s local customs and lingo in mind. After all, you are most likely not going to publish an ad in France that is written in English, so you should take the time to ensure that the message of the ad is not lost by a botched translation.
2) Stick with Images– If you are not in a position to create multiple versions of your ad, then you should create one advertisement that does not utilize any words other than the name of your company or product and the website URL. A strong enough image will make viewers feel compelled to learn more. Make sure that the image actually relates to the product that you are advertising, though. For example, if you are an accommodations firm, our DC Ad Agency advises that you could consider utilizing Washington DC imagery to capture the attention of potential tourists.
3) Consider Local Values and Traditions – A sexy advertisement might be the best way to sell a watch in America, but there are some countries that would be appalled by an implied nude image of a woman wearing a watch. Therefore, you need to do enough research into each target country to determine what is and is not acceptable. Again, if you are determined to utilize just one advertisement, you will need to select a theme that is very G rated and avoids any culturally specific humor. This is a very difficult task, however, and that is why it is always best to create advertisements for each specific market.
4) Utilize a Professional Ad Agency – Even if you have a highly skilled marketing team, you should still consider utilizing a professional ad agency for any international campaigns. After all, your marketing team is most likely geared specifically towards an American audience, and they probably do not have enough knowledge about other countries to build ads that are guaranteed to be effective. Professional ad agencies, on the other hand, spend a lot of time creating international marketing campaigns, so they have the hands on experience to provide you with the perfect ad for each country.
5) Observe all Local Laws – Each country has its own laws regarding advertisements, so make sure that you are aware of any necessary restrictions. This is another good reason to hire a professional ad agency because they deal with these laws on a daily basis.
Whether you create one advertisement or several specialized ads, you should always include certain branding information such as your company’s website. By doing this, you can reach out to a virtually unlimited number of potential customers. After all, the purpose of each advertisement is to get consumers to take action. Even if they do not make a purchase immediately, you want them to become engaged enough to visit your website and click “like” on your Facebook page.
Ann Bailey runs a small art business and contributes this advice for the DC Ad Agency of 522 Digital.  The creative team at this progressive ad agency takes business marketing plans from start-up through powerful SEO internet campaigns and social media PR, and assists their clients in all aspects of growing the all-important commercial bottom line.

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