Driving in America

blankDriving in America is completely different that driving in any other country. There are certain rules, laws and regulations that you must abide to and these can change from state to state, but mostly they are similar. Here are a few things to look out for when driving state side.
Stay on the right side of the road:
It is extremely important to remember this first tip; Americans drivers always keep to the right hand side of the road. Most foreign countries follow this convention, but it can take some getting used to for drivers from those countries such as the United Kingdom where cars are driven on the left side of the road.
The most common speed that is allowed in America is between 65 and 70 miles per hour on interstate highways. Although when travelling in every state it is best to check as several have adapted speed limits to either be above or below the average. States that have lowered the speed include Washington D.C. and Hawaii while on the other hand states such as Idaho, Wyoming, and South Dakota have raised the speed limit.
Traffic Signals
American traffic signals work with a three-light system: red means stop, green means go and yellow means slow down. In most states you can turn right on red after stopping, unless there is a visible sign warning against that. A flashing red light should be treated as a stop sign this means that the driver most come to an emergency stop meaning that the driver needs to come to a stop and check for the right of way. A flashing yellow does not mean you have to come to a stop, but you should slow down in case of oncoming traffic.
Traffic Signs
When approaching a four way intersection at the same time as another driver to your right, you should allow him to go first. If you are the person on the right, you get priority. At a four-way or two-way intersection in which you and the person across from you arrive at the same time, the person who is not turning is given the right of way. Although the situation does not arise often outside of large urban areas, if you are driving on a one-way street in which traffic flows to the left, you are allowed to turn left even if the light is red as long there are no signs posted to the contrary.
Right of Way
The right of way should always be yielded to police, ambulances and fire engines and any other emergency service vehicles. It is completely illegal to use the right of way in the middle of a traffic jam. Every year thousands of people this that it is socially acceptable to do this, but it comes with a really hefty chance and can result in some really heavy punishments such as large fines and lengthy stints in prison depending on what state you are in pedestrians and bike riders must also always be given the right of way. When making a left turn, any traffic coming from the opposite direction at an intersection is given the right of way. Even when there is no lowered crossing bar, a vehicle must always come to a stop at a railroad crossing when the warning lights are engaged.
Suicide Lane
Some roads in America will appear to have what looks like three lanes. However this isn’t a lane it is in fact known as a suicide lane. This where introduced to help with the heavy flow of traffic which was noticeably present in one direction in the morning and the other direction in the afternoon? Will have what appear to be three lanes, but traffic only seems to be flowing in opposite directions on two of those lanes. This center lane is used for turning and is often called the suicide lane because so many tragic accidents take place there. Some towns will use this center lane not for turning purposes, but to manipulate traffic flow by allowing it to be used in one direction for the morning commute and the opposite direction for the evening commute. Take special care to notice whether this is the case and when the flow direction changes
So if you are in the market for car hire Sanford or car hire New York, remember to stick to the law and be safe.

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