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Classic Holiday Traditions – Elf (Movie)

Elf (Review)

Christmas movies should have a genre dedicated to all themselves. These are some of the best movies that come out every year and almost all of them are family friendly. One of the accepted favorites among the Christmas movie world is the film Elf. Debuting in 2003, “Elf,” starring Will Ferrell received great praise from millions of movie goers all over the world. It is not your typical Christmas movie, it combines a little bit of everything we love as fans of the movies. Director Jon Favreau did a great job assembling a witty cast who have great chemistry on the set.”Buddy the Elf” (Will Ferrell) was raised in the North Pole by his father and Santa Claus (Edward Asner) as a working elf. He was a misfit from the beginning, he spent his days working in Santa’s shop building toys for Christmas. However, something was not right with Buddy, he was not fit out for elf work, he couldn’t keep up with the other elves and would often be made fun of. The problem was, Buddy wasn’t like the other elves, he was 6 feet tall for one and at age 30, he couldn’t even fit in the beds.
Finally his father told him the truth, Buddy was no elf at all, in-fact, he was a human. He was told that he had to a human father named Walter (James Caan) who lived in New York City. Buddy made the decision to find his Father and he travelled for days through the North Pole to get to a place to find his father. The movie revolves around this fun-filled, cheerful elf who tries to find his way an unknown world.
After finding his father, Walter does not believe that Buddy is his son and demands a DNA test. After the results are positive, Walter reluctantly brings Buddy home to meet his wife and son. At first, Buddy doesn’t fit in with anyone and makes his father mad. Eventually, Buddy meets a fine young woman named Jovie (Zooey Deschanel) and tries to form a human and relationship.
Buddy must balance trying to gain a relationship with a new family and balance his crush on Jovie. Drama flares up and it is up to Buddy and his new brother to save the day and more importantly, save Christmas.
Like stated before, Elf is a family friendly movie in all ways. There is very little negative language (if any) and no sexual motives in the film. Adults and children of all ages should be able to view this film and gain some positive messages out of it. There is no violence or scary scenes in the movie and it truly does provide everyone in the family with something they can enjoy.
“Elf” is favorite among many movie goers and Christmas Movie lovers. Every year we find holiday movies and according to many critics and fans, “Elf” is one of the best Christmas movies in the past ten years and probably the best in 2003.

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