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Best Energy Efficient Apps For Smartphones

Energy-Saving-Smartphone-AppsWith the rise of technology and smartphones, life has gotten a little easier for people living today. Our phones are now able to give us the latest information on anything we choose to keep up with, be it sports, news, movies, television shows, and more. Smartphones and their plethora of apps also help us be more productive while saving us time, making completing our everyday tasks and errands a little easier. This tech extends to our home life as well, with apps that help us save energy and money. Energy efficient apps do things we could have never imagined such as calculating how much power we use in our houses everyday, and even allowing us to control the thermostat right from the smartphone. Here are a few of the best energy efficient apps available for smartphones.
1. Thermostat Apps
Heating and cooling ones homes is often one of the largest expenses for the average family household. Americans now spend over $1600 dollars a year on utilities alone, and most of that is spent on keeping the house warm or cool. But what if you could control your thermostat without getting off the couch? Nest and Ecobee have come up with super cool thermostats that come with apps which will let you program and control right from your phone. The problem with regular thermostats is that they waste a lot of energy, about $173 a year on average, and have become so complicated that most people never ever program them. These apps allow you to do just that in a couple of taps rather than fiddling with buttons just to get the perfect setting.
2. Light Bulb Finder
Light bulbs are one of the biggest uses of energy today. Every home in the country has at least one in there, and we use them to decorate our homes and trees during the holiday season. Traditional light bulbs burn hotter and use more energy and power than the newer models, which use less and last a lot longer. The Light Bulb Finder App helps users find the best energy efficient bulbs to use in their homes, and even calculates how long you’ll have to use said light bulb to offset the cost of buying it. What’s more, if the light bulb you want isn’t available in your area, you can order one online right through the app.
3. UFO Power Center
The UFO Power Center is a great new energy saving device that tells you how much power each one of your appliances is using and how much it’s costing you. The UFO Power Center comes with four built in outlets and a smart power strip, so energy waste will be a thing of the past. The device also comes with an app for smartphones that let’s you schedule your appliances to turn off when not in use, turn them on when you want to, and even lets you set a timer so you can use your different home devices at off peak hours, saving you money.
4. GreenMeter
Another great energy saving app is the greenMeter, designed to help you save money and gas by correcting your bad driving habits. Doing things such as hard braking, excessive speeding, and taking off at the intersection all use up a lot of gas, which means you’ll be spending more time at the gas pump. greenMeter gives you simple to use and follow tips such as coasting towards a red light and observing the speed limit at all times.
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