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How-To Minimize Pores: 5 Steps!

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How-To Minimize Pores: 5 Steps!

How-To Minimize Pores
How-To Minimize Pores

As you age, your pores become larger and more noticeable. Here are five steps to help control the dreaded aging process, how-to minimize pores, and cover them up with makeup!

1.       Identify Your Skin Type
Identifying your particular skin type can help you determine what washing techniques and makeup techniques to us and what facial products to buy. Oil is your number one pore instigator. If you leave your face oily for an extended period of time, that oil gets trapped in your pores which turns them dark, and viola, you have blackheads! How-to minimize pores: buy oil free cleansers, moisturizers, and cosmetics!
2.       Makeup Application
Wash your face with an oil free cleanser that also protects against becoming oily throughout the day. Skip moisturizer and use a makeup primer instead, this will help keep your makeup to stay put all day and fill in those lines, wrinkles, and tiny holes from pore spots. Finish makeup with powder because powder doesn’t cake in to your pores and with help absorb excess oil!
3.       Don’t Obsess
Don’t aggravate tiny blackheads by trying to pick, pinch and poke at your face. Leave it to the professionals unless absolutely necessary. Don’t obsess in a magnified mirror either, not only does anyone ever see you that magnifies but it just motivates the picking, pinching, and poking at your face again.
4.       Pull Tiny Hair Follicles
If there is an area on your face that stays continually dark even after treatments, it may be tiny hairs and not blackheads. A common place is the side of your nose, try pore strips; they are surprisingly good at grabbing these tiny hair follicles!
5.       Keep Trying to Defy Gravity
With age the collagen in your skin starts to break down and the elastin structures that surround and hold up pores. This leaves your pores to sag and stretch, causing your pores to look even larger!  Another big culprit that adds to this breakdown is UV rays. So to best minimize this process, use SPF products on your face, rain or shine! You should also use serums and creams daily that contain retinol because it boosts collagen and elastin production. Use a trusted brand.

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