Improving Global Consciousness Through Art

Improving Global Consciousness Through ArtThe Internet has allowed people from all over the world to become friends, and it has also made it easier to learn about the local news and politics of every major city on earth. In order to truly understand each other, though, we need to increase our level of global consciousness. After all, what we see in the news is not what defines every person from a specific area. Without taking the time to understand the culture of other areas, we cannot truly hope to have a level of global consciousness that can alter the world.

Art’s Importance

Ever since caveman first began drawing on the inside of their caves, people have utilized art to express both their emotions and the current state of the world around them. It is therefore easy to see how important art can be for improving global consciousness. In fact, it is often through the paintings and photographs of others that we can begin to actually connect with the people in other countries.
Improving Global Consciousness Through Art 2Unfortunately, most people have become so used to seeing horrible images on the news that they are able to distance themselves from it. When they see a photograph or a painting that depicts one person’s struggle with violence or war, however, it becomes much more difficult to ignore the human factor. In fact, according to Life Magazine, photographs have the power to impact people on such a deep level that they actually can change the world, and this emphasizes just how important art can be.

Expanding Your Global View

If each person took the time to learn about the people from other countries instead of simply looking at them as foreigners, we could utilize global consciousness to change everything. Even though we live in a world that is filled with billions of people who are uninterested in widening their social views, it is still imperative for people who understand the importance of global consciousness to do their part to educate both themselves and the people around them.
Because art is the perfect way to gain insight into other cultures, it is always a good idea to spend time visiting the websites of international museums and other sites that feature global art prints and international creative works. If you want to get a look at more recent art that is raw and edgier, though, you should also frequent online galleries, art blogs and the personal websites of artists from around the world. In order to spread awareness, you can utilize Twitter or your Facebook page to post links to some of the most compelling or provocative pieces that you find.

Improving Global Consciousness Through Art 3Can Art Truly Change the World?

Artists of all types, including musicians, have the ability to get their message to a large group of people. Because of this, it is definitely possible for a piece of art to have a long-lasting impact on the world. Keep in mind that the purpose of art is to elicit an emotional response, so when a piece is difficult to look at; it is achieving its goal. After all, it often takes a harsh look at the reality of a situation for people to finally decide that change needs to happen.
Writer Molly Pearce is also a free-lance artist and human rights activist who often creates art with global consciousness in mind. Websites and publications featuring classic and modern artists from around the world are a great source of inspiration for artists and art appreciators alike. Artismo, an online market delivering custom hand-framed art to customers, offers a variety of creative imagery reproduced on canvas, including an excellent selection of global art prints created by artists, some past and some current, from across the globe.

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