Natural Dog Repellents

Dog repellent is useful in training pet dogs, and it also protects lawns and gardens against strays and wandering pets that often cause damage to grass and plants. There are even dog repellents that can be used on indoor surfaces such as furniture to keep pet dogs from chewing or otherwise destroying household fixtures.
However, some dog repellents are based on harsh chemicals that can be irritating not only to dogs, but also to users who come into contact with these chemicals while applying them. Therefore, natural dog repellent that is based on organic plant materials is recommended by dog trainers as well as by gardeners, lawn experts and animal control personnel.
It is possible to make natural dog repellent from common natural ingredients such as vinegar and lemon juice. However, both of these products leave an odor on household surfaces, so they cannot be used indoors. The repellent effect of these liquids does not last very long, and they are not water-resistant, so their outdoor efficacy is quite limited as well. Other household items that dogs find distasteful include chili pepper, which is difficult to use indoors and also dissolves quite rapidly outdoors.
Natural dog repellent is available from manufacturers that specialize in ecologically safe outdoor gardening products, as well as from pet supply manufacturers. Most of these repellent products are approved by the USDA or FDA, so they must meet minimum standards for efficiency while living up to their registered descriptions as natural and non-toxic products. Repellents of this type, which are based on plant oils such as citronella, are available in liquid or granular form. Liquids are usually more convenient for indoor use as well as for use on outdoor furniture that is made of wood or wicker and covered in fabric. Granules are recommended for use in gardens and around the perimeter of lawns.
When purchasing natural repellents for dogs, look for a product that is certified as biodegradable, so that it does not cause harm to the environment. Most repellents that are based on natural ingredients do meet this specification. Check to see whether the formula is water-resistant, and how often it needs to be reapplied. A repellent that is labeled for indoor and outdoor use is best for dog training and for homes that have pets, whereas longer-lasting granules are more efficient for pet-free homes that need strong, but safe and gentle, outdoor protection to keep stray and neighborhood dogs away from lawns, gardens, pools and other outdoor fixtures.
Liquid or granular dog repellents that are based on natural ingredients are an efficient way to keep dogs from damaging home or outdoor plants and furniture. The right natural formula is often more effective than older dog repellents that are based on potentially hazardous or malodorous chemicals. Some natural repellents are also effective against cats and small wild animals such as squirrels. These products are particularly useful in wooded areas where small animals may pose health hazards as well as causing damage to plants and lawns.

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