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Occupy Wall Street Movement at A Glance

The Occupy Movement has reached another peak of Global attention this week as many more ‘Occupy’ events have taken place.
Here is a current list of #Occupy Wall Street events and updates:

  • Presidential candidate in-the -running Michelle Bachmann was yelled at until she was forced to end her campaign speech. (Watch The Video)
If you’ve been watching the news for the upcoming 2012 United States presidential election, than Michele Bachmann’s name is probably not new to you.  However as she has grown her campaign towards presidency, many OWS (Occupy Wall Street) protesters have been making surprise appearances at her campaign speeches and rallies to campaign against her…  Continue Reading Here
  • Many citizens have been arrested and are ‘Willing To Go To Jail’ for what they believe in, and will continue to defy the rules and law. (Watch The Video)
The Occupy Wall Street Movement has caused a global response of citizens standing up for what they believe is an inequality between the government and the people.  Many chant the words “We are The 99%” signifying the discontent with the ’1%’ that benefits off of the work provided by the ’99%’.  The entire grass roots movement of Occupy Wall Street has hit nearly every major city in America and even around the world…  Continue Reading Here
Occupy Wall Street Protesters have now started the march to Washington D.C. in what is expected to be one of the biggest Occupy protests of them all.  Throughout the video protesters can be heard screaming and shouting “D.C.!” as they flow in a group down the streets of New York bound for the nation’s capital city…  Continue Reading Here
  • Police give a briefing on a shooting that occurred at the Occupy Wall Street Movement in  Burlington. (Watch Video Here)
The Occupy Wall street Movement has now hit a whole new level with the word of people getting shot at some of the protests.  At first the Occupy movement started out as a peaceful protest, but as you will see in the video it is a lot deeper than that…  Continue Reading Here
  • Occupy Wall Street Protesters Plan Two Week March from New York City To Washington D.C. (Read Full Story Here)
In a move taken out of the Civil Rights Movement playbook, a small group of Occupy Wall Street members are embarking on a two week walk from Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park to D.C. The protesters hope to arrive by Nov. 23, in time for a congressional committee to decide whether to keep President Barack Obama’s extension of Bush-era tax cuts. Many people feel that the tax cuts only benefit rich Americans, and does nothing for the common man...  Continue Reading Here
  • Mayor of St Louis Francis G. Slay had his website hacked on behalf on Occupy Wall Street Supporters (Watch Video)
St Louis has also been a hot spot for the Occupy movement across the US and around the world.  The mayor recently had his website hacked, and links have been made to the secret alliance known as ‘Anonymous’, which means that there are likely to be more computer hacks.  The hacker was even bold enough to come out in public to make a statement online…  Continue Reading Here
  • Jay-Z’s new Occupy All streets T-shirts will not benefit Occupy Wall Street Movement (Read Full Story Here)

Jay-Z, hip-hop legend and pioneer has released a new shirt that has a dual and somewhat controversial meaning.  Stretched out across the shirts are the words ‘Occupy Wall Street’, with a few minor revisions of the ‘W’ in Wall and the addition of the ‘S’ at the end of Street.  Thus how the phrase ‘Occupy All Streets’ came about.  When asked about whether or not the shirts would go to benefit the actual Wall Street Movement this is what was said… Continue Reading Here

Thousands of peaceful citizens gathered in downtown Oakland Wednesday morning to kick off a “general strike” to bring attention to the Occupy movement’s concerns over economic inequality in the United States today…  Continue Reading Here


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