How to Recycle Your Moving Boxes

Recycle-Your-Moving-BoxesAfter moving into your new home and unpacking the endless boxes, this is a great time to be kind to the environment. While the local authority will be pleased to take away dozens of the boxes for you, providing you place them into the right container, there are many more environmentally friendly ways to dispose of your moving boxes.

How often will you move home?

Depending upon which experts you believe, you’re likely to move home between seven and 12 times in your lifetime, using an average of 60-80 boxes per move. That’s the equivalent of seven medium sized trees. Wouldn’t it be great to save a few of those?

The recycling process begins a few weeks before you set your moving date. When you interview the moving company and discuss the need to include boxes for you to pack yourself, ask if recycled cardboard boxes can be used for your move. To make recycled cardboard uses less than three quarters of the energy needed to produce new cardboard boxes.

Who might wish to reuse your boxes?

Is there a company that you can sell or give your unused boxes to, when you have finished unpacking? This will perhaps help another family or two, move home.

If you have access to a community board, perhaps at your place of work, sports club or college facilities, you can place a small advertisement offering to sell or give away your boxes to someone who will be looking to move home in the near future. You may be able to post free advertisements in your local shops, in your local free newspapers and with any online magazines that cover your local area.

Composting cardboard boxes gives you another opportunity to provide a second use for your unpacked boxes and will help enrich your new garden. With most home small composting operations, you’ll only be able to give a new life to a few boxes at a time.

Charities are always looking at ways to save money, because every penny donated to them needs to be directed as efficiently as possible to meet the charity’s goals. Where charities collect clothing and food items, they need boxes to carry these goods from the homes of the volunteers and often on to containers for shipping around the country.

Finally, don’t neglect your local facilities. All cities and towns and most villages offer different types of recycling programmes. Although you’ll be damaging the environment with your carbon footprint by driving to these locations with your boxes, you will be achieving the greater good of making sure that these are recycled.

Sharon writes for Removal Services Scotland, a great place for removals Livingston advice.

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