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Things You Didn't Know About the Fashion Industry: Part 2

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You see celebrities wearing $1, 600 shoes and wish you could afford those “to die for” shoes??? Yup! We do too! Remembers me of that one episode of Sex and The City, Carrie goes to a friend’s son birthday party and all the guest were asked to leave their shoes at the door. But when Carrie was leaving someone had taken her Manolo Blahniks! She insisted her friends reimburse her for the heels.  Luxury brand shoes are really a huge investment.
rose heel
The price of clothing has been rising for years and it has gotten worst with shoes. It’s getting a little ridiculous. Shoes in their description are suppose to get us from one place to another in the most effective way and stylish doesn’t hurt either! However, the most expensive shoes aren’t even comfortable to walk in. They are walking piece of art in some cases. I would love a pair of Christian Loubotin as beautifully crafted that they are however if I’m paying $1,600 a pair they better feel like I’m walking on air!
If you think about it, you’re paying thousands of dollars to drag your shoes all over the streets of NYC, LA, Paris, London. I wouldn’t want my thousand dollar shoes even touching the floor yet alone the concrete! LOL
butterfly shoes
Another point, it takes about less than $50 to actually make the shoes but they are being sold for 25 times more than that. Worth it? I guess if you want to brag and show off, yes it’s worth it. When it comes to the social ladder, you have to separate yourself from the “others.”
Ladies, think twice before running off to buy a pair of thousand dollar shoes you can only wear a few times, (because wearing that one pair to very social occasion is tacky). Remember, you can always save a few bucks and wear a less price copy of the same shoe and still look fab!

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