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Window Washer Superheroes

There are two professions that might seem to have absolutely no connection, but when you look at them a little deeper, they’re more similar than you think. What are these important jobs? Window washers and superheroes. They are always needed and risk their lives to make our days a little brighter. They even have a reputation for cleaning up the cities they serve. But what would happen if window washer superheroes existed? Would it be double the work and danger?

Nope. In the eyes of the awesome children who receive treatment at both New York-Presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital and St. Louis Children’s Hospital it is purely magical. These window washer superheroes prove that real-life heroes and do-gooders exist!

Window Washer Superheroes: A Bird, A Plane …

On Wednesday, July 23, the men who normally don work clothes and cleaning bucket, traded those uniforms in for others. Gone were shirts with their names on them, and on came attire covered in a spider web, bat symbol or something that looked strangely like a Power Ranger. The window washer superheroes didn’t simply walk into the room either, they used the same machinery that helps them do their day jobs (but to protect their secret identities, we won’t tell you what they do for a living … oh yeah, we already did. Just forget what we said and read on)!

The children were stunned to look out their windows and find Spiderman, Batman, the Red Power Ranger and others waving at them. The workers blew kisses, fist bumped through the glass and simply offered a warm smile and encouragement for these brave kids. What started as a small gesture of kindness and love has gone viral and inspired others to consider having their own window washer superheroes.

Plus, as you might imagine, the hospital staff couldn’t keep themselves from joining in on the fun. Additional appearances by Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Iron Man and still others, were reported. But more than this collection of some of the greatest superheroes to ever wear a cap and mask, smiles on faces were seen in far greater numbers than usual.

Parents who experienced this wonderful event with their children were given a little hope as well. In what must be an unimaginable level of pain and worry, these selfless seekers of health justice went the extra mile for those young and old.

We salute the men and women who brought joy to these precious children and the world community! You are true superheroes!

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