Global Alert! Safety Warning For Portable Pools – 1 Child Dies Every 5 Days

Safety Warning For ALL Portable and Inftable Pools

Safety Warning For ALL Portable and Inftable Pools

There is now an advanced warning for all portable and inflatable pools for young children. According to studies conducted, a child dies every five days as a result of these inflatable pools that seem harmless, yet present a whole variety of health concerns and issues for the children. For example, did you know that these “shallow” pools can often times contain feet of water, which is more than enough to cause a small child to drown. Most of the children that drown or suffer near fatal episodes in these pools are under the age of 5, so it is ultimately the responsibility of the parent to make sure they are set up in a way where a child cannot enter the pool on their own accord. But having a parent or guardian around doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is safe; in a study conducted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, “More than 40 percent of the children were supervised by an adult at the time of the drowning or near-drowning.” So just remember to supervise your children, and even above and beyond that MAKE SURE they cannot enter into a pool that has any amount of significant water in it, seeing that a small child can drowned in just a few inches of water. Be safe and have a happy and warm summer. (Photo Credit: elleinad)

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