Donor Retention

3 Ways To Improve Donor Retention in Fundraising Events

Donor retention is critical to the long-term success of any fundraiser. Check out these practical ways to improve donor retention in fundraising events.

Ways To Stay Comfortable During the Wedding

The Comfy Bride: Ways To Stay Comfortable During the Wedding

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort during your wedding day. Follow the tips in this blog to ensure you stay comfortable during your...

Tips for Creating Your Wedding Vows

Important Tips for Creating Your Wedding Vows

The moment when you read your wedding vows is perhaps the most poignant moment of this special day. The words should encapsulate your...

Global New Year Traditions
EventsGlobal GoodTravel

Global New Year Traditions: Celebrations Around the World

As the clock strikes midnight and the world bids farewell to the old year, diverse cultures across the globe come alive with unique...

guest safety

3 Tips To Ensure Guest Safety During Large Events

Throwing a large event takes a lot of work, but the most important thing is keeping attendees safe. When large numbers of people...

EventsMusic re-launches from Gallery 69 in Tribeca NYC

Where music meets art and fashion! Innovative business executive and media personality Elevated Scott is taking his experience from producing events and developing...


Hayes & Jarvis – Why 2013 is the year of the event holiday

Holiday: the very word fills us with hope, expectation and excitement, so choosing the right one can be something of a minefield. We...