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Doing Good at Global Good Group

Global Good Group has been doing good in the world for over 10 years now. We have also been bringing you news and stories about others doing good in the world.We love sharing good journalism and all the good things that are happening all over the world.

When there is so much media full of doom and gloom, instead Global Good Group is the website that you can turn to that is dedicated to quality, independent reporting about what’s going right in the world. Let’s all take a moment to find, see, and hear the good, positive news out there!

On a daily basis the only news that most people hear is mainstream media that brings the terrible news of the day. Of course, there isn’t anything necessarily wrong with that except that we should also get a good dose of what’s happened that is good too! There is a strong presence of good in the world with everyday heroes and people who have turned it all around or rose from the bottom. At Global Good Group, we think these stories are motivating and an important reminder that there is just as much light as there is dark. We aim to shine a light on the good stories so that there can be more positive conversation in the world. We share stories of kids changing the world, how to be a good person, companies giving back, and much more.

Our Dedication to Good

Global Good Group is also dedicated to being a community that shares everyday news about family, food, travel, trends, and more! Keep reading below to learn more about what we do here at Global Good Group, your positive blog posting positive news from around the globe!

Food News
Spread good by cooking good food for those that you love! We have healthy recipes to provide the right type of wholesome goodness for you, your family, and friends. In addition to healthy recipes, we also report on new food trends and other food news.

Travel News
Global Good Group reports good news from all over the globe. We follow good-doers volunteering and spreading good. We also post about great family travel spots. Learn about the best places to eat, visit, and see!

Get your pop fix with posts about music, fashion, celebs and more! We especially love to report about trending topics when people are doing good in the world!

Tech News
Get up-to-date with all things tech! We love gadgets and reviewing all of the top products to buy!

Learn about news within the education sector. Tips and tricks for young children as well as news at the university level.

We want to hear from all of you!
Contact us today if you would like to contribute some good to the Global Good Group website by going to our Contact Us page and sending us a message with a brief description about the good you’ve been up to!