heavy duty truck maintenance

A Heavy Duty Truck Maintenance Checklist To Follow

Taking care of your semi-truck is something no driver should ignore. Check out this heavy-duty truck maintenance checklist everyone should follow.

electric vehicles

The Positive Impact of Electric Vehicles

Do your part to change the world by switching your gas-powered vehicle to an electric one. Read on to discover the positive impacts...


5 Often Overlooked Safety Considerations for Your Car

There are many aspects of your car that you may be overlooking that can hinder your safety while driving. Keep your car as...

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Car Safety Features That Help Prevent Accidents

Car safety has come a long way since the invention of seat belts and airbags. Today’s vehicles have advanced technology designed to protect...


Understanding How Parking Relates to Sustainability

It may not seem like it, but parking presents a massive opportunity for sustainability. Parking involves two huge polluting factors: transportation and buildings....

DIY Garage floor
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DIY Garage Floors Refinishing Tips

DIY Garage Floors Painting Tips DIY tutorials have helped in designing, remodeling, as well as dining. Specifically, it can improve your home project...


IKEA Time Travel Experiment Viral Videos

Funny Viral Video Series Makes You Wonder! The viral video series that is coming out of IKEA lately is quite funny you seriously...


Exoskeleton Gives New Mobility

  In an emotional and breathtaking start to the FIFA World Cup 2014 festivities in Brazil, the first game was kicked into action...


Tetris Turns 30: Where Did the Time Go? Oh yeah…

  Oh how I despise you. Loathe you. Want to throw you out of a moving car so that I can turn around...


The Algarve Is a Great Place to Holiday and Live

The Algarve is one of the loveliest places to visit in the world. It is full of beautiful scenery, friendly people, great food...