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DIY Garage Floors Refinishing Tips

DIY Garage floor

DIY Garage Floors Painting Tips

DIY tutorials have helped in designing, remodeling, as well as dining. Specifically, it can improve your home project when it comes to painting the garage floors. Typically, when it comes to home advancement projects, the garage is left out. This is because most of the time, the garage is used to store items or to do the cutting or painting.  Some traces of oil and paint spills are left on the surface of the garage. As time goes by, you will find that your garage floor has become worn out. For that reason, you need to transform this floor by painting it.

Do it yourself projects are necessary a lot of the time. All you have to do is buy the specified requirements and start the project. For this type of project such as your garage floors, you need to have tools such as paint rollers, respiratory masks, Rust-oleum Epoxyshield resin garage ground kit, scrub brush, 9” paint roller casing as well as an extender.  Also a garden hose, spongy floor brush, durable degreaser, and so on. Before getting started with this project, you should understand some tips for painting a concrete garage floor.

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Do It Yourself Project Guidelines

• Clear and wash your garage surface. Typically, the washing procedure is hardly as simple as most people take it. This is because it consumes most of your time before terminating the whole process. Sticky muddy surfaces are cleared using sharp objects such as knife then getting rid of the dirt before starting the thorough cleaning.

• Secondly, you should ensure that you apply a long-lasting degreaser to get rid of all the grease pigments from your car or other items. The main reason for doing this is to ensure that the paint you apply sticks to the ground properly.

• Wash with the built-in concrete scratch mix. Ensure that you remove the concrete scratch mixture and fuse it with two tons of water. Scrub the garage floor and rinse properly. This leaves your floor amazingly clean.

• Let the concrete dry up and start taping. Ensure that your garage floor is well tapped using a scotch blue exterior tape to cover the edges to prevent the paint from splashing to the garage walls.

• Start painting your concrete garage floor using the required brushes. Then use rollers to spread the paint evenly throughout the surface.

• Pro tip, do a 4X4 square at a time, then sprinkle it with what comes in the kit (a lot of them come with sprinkles).  

Once everything is done, let it dry for a good 24 hours and voila!  A brand new looking garage.

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