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Tips for Spring Cleaning, Getting in Shape, and Cooking: Things to do in March!

Tips for Spring Cleaning, Getting in Shape, and Cooking! Tips for spring cleaning, getting in shape, and cooking? Ahh, must be March! Time to dust off your cleaning supplies to try these tips for...

6 Tips for Home Buyers

6 Tips for Home Buyers When searching for your next home keep this list to make sure you get a good deal in a home that you want! Start by visiting a mortgage lender...

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 The Power of Saint-Johns Wort

The Power of Saint-Johns Wort Please note that the following SJW tips are not medical advice.  Ask your doctor before using herbs like Saint-Johns wort...

Meal Delivery Boxes

Meal Delivery Boxes I just recently tried one of those meal delivery boxes, all from a friend!  She was going out of town and had...

Micro-Schools during COVID-19

An Introduction to Micro-Schools during COVID-19 Parents across the nation are facing a troubling dilemma when it comes to the back to school season....