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Understanding How Parking Relates to Sustainability


It may not seem like it, but parking presents a massive opportunity for sustainability. Parking involves two huge polluting factors: transportation and buildings. These are two of the biggest producers of CO2 emissions in our society. There are also billions of motor vehicles on the road every single day. It goes without saying that they’re going to need a place to park. So, it’s imperative that we consider sustainable practices when constructing parking structures. That will help us enjoy cleaner, healthier communities. Here’s a brief guide to understanding how parking relates to sustainability. Read on to learn why sustainable parking lots are crucial for our future.

Sustainable Parking Cuts Global Emissions

As stated before, buildings and transportation are two vast causes of CO2 emissions. There are a few reasons why standard parking garages are terrible for the planet’s CO2 emissions. Firstly, they use a lot of electricity for lighting, elevators, and automation. They also negatively affect the environment by paving parking spaces and lots. Since standard parking garages don’t use sustainable materials, they generate a lot of waste. That’s why there’s such a need for sustainable parking solutions. Besides not using a gigantic building that emits CO2 and using an overabundance of energy, there are numerous other ways to handle parking to make it sustainable and less harsh on the environment.

Developing Sustainable Parking Lots

There’s a push in the industry for parking lots to go green. A green, sustainable parking lot allows for:

  • Sustainable materials for paving spaces
  • Opportunities to cultivate natural vegetation and plant life
  • Less paving
  • Renewable energy sources for lighting
  • Less need to waste fuel through idling and searching for spaces

A sustainable parking lot drastically cuts back on CO2 emissions. Instead, it opts for subtle parking lots with plenty of gardening and vegetation. Not only do these parking lots pollute less, but they also look much better, too. Green parking garages enhance the look of your community as well. If you’re serious about positively impacting your community, push for greener solutions in public meetings and be active in initiatives that promote not only green parking garages, but also greener buildings and public and private places and spaces in general.

Parking Can Be a First Step to Sustainability

Hopefully, this article has provided a better way of understanding how parking relates to sustainability. Whether you plan to construct a garage for your facility, have a say in one’s construction, or simply live in an area where one will be built, be sure the architects, developers, and construction firms optimize its sustainable potential.

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