How To Reuse and Recycle Shredded Business Papers

Paper shredding is an important way to properly dispose of your business’s private information. However, you may wonder what to do with all the paper shreds once you’ve run them through the shredder. These little scraps can be messy, but there are responsible and sustainable ways to dispose of them. Find out how to reuse and recycle shredded paper for your business.


Most shredded paper that the average business produces are completely compostable. If your shredded materials don’t include glossy paper like magazines or anything with a high percentage of ink, you’re free to use this shredded paper as local compost material. Whether your business has its own compost collection, or your community provides a composting drop-off area, shredded paper makes a great addition to any composting pile. Paper is one of the key “browns” that make up the different layers of a compost pile.


If you don’t have a composting bin for your office yet or can’t find a larger community option available, you can always find ways to donate shredded paper scraps. Local animal shelters often use shredded paper as clean animal bedding and constantly need more supply. Reach out to your local animal shelter to see if they are looking for shredded paper for bedding and other uses. Your business will be able to deliver an ample supply that could be incredibly useful to some shelters.

How To Recycle

Shredded paper is tricky to dispose of properly due to its small pieces. Before you empty your business’s shredding bucket directly into your recycling bins, make sure to keep these little bits of paper contained. You should empty shredded paper into a recyclable container like a paper bag or cardboard box to ensure the paper shreds don’t scatter everywhere during the disposal process.

These are some of the best examples of how to reuse and recycle shredded paper so your business can do its part to be more sustainable. Using a shredder is one of the best ways to protect your business’s information. To safely reuse and recycle your shredded paper, make sure your office uses an NSA-approved shredder to keep your classified information safe.

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