Vatican Urges for Global Financial Reform for Common Good via Global Public Authority


In a statement recently released from the Vatican, there were many statements addressing current issues with the financial and monetary systems around the world.  The Vatican emphasized over 20 times in the letter the words Common Good, which for me personally couldn’t resonate more with and being able to help those both domestic and foreign.

The Vatican aims to be able to combat soem fo the current issues with the financial and monetary systems by implementing a universal or ‘global’ Public Authority.  This Global Authority would have the means to oversea and control the world’s marketplace to a certain extent including arms control, migration, food security, and environmental protection.

The official documet was titled “Toward Reforming the International Financial and Monetary Systems in the Context of Global Public Authority”, and thus far has stirred up mixed emotions with people around the globe.

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What are your thoughts on a Global Public Authority and do you believe in a Common Good?

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