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How To Choose A Restaurant For A First Date

Dating can be fun, it can also be hard work, stressful and demoralising – but if you are determined to find romance in your life you are going to have to get on that horse and put yourself out there. This post is about that critical first date, and how to select the perfect restaurant for the occasion:

1: Noise

A date is like an interview, the idea is to talk, to get to know your potential new girlfriend or boyfriend. You need to select a restaurant which facilitates this interaction; somewhere that has a pleasant, peaceful atmosphere. Excessive noise is a sure fire way to kill any conversation before it starts.

2: Ambiance

Aside from noise, you should consider things like lighting – you certainly don’t want to be sat somewhere dark where you can barely see your date; having said that, a brightly lit restaurant can be overly harsh. Somewhere where the lighting is dim but adequate is ideal and romantic – the perfect combination to set the mood for the evening.

3: Service

Some restaurants have very happy, enthusiastic and perhaps a little intrusive waiters. You certainly don’t want rude servers, but you do want a restaurant where you can be sure you will be given a little privacy – there is nothing worse for your evening than an overly zealous waiter jumping in to ask pointless questions when you are mid conversation.

4: Seating

Ideally you want to be sat somewhere private, or at least not in the middle of the restaurant. Picking somewhere with booths around the edges is ideal – this type of seating should give the both of you a feeling of privacy and make you feel more comfortable straight away.

5: Food

When arranging your date, remember to find out what sorts of food your date actually likes – don’t go ahead and book an Indian only to go and find out that she can’t stand spicy food. Likewise, be weary of food allergies; in fact it is a good idea to avoid speciality food all together.

If in doubt a nice “normal” restaurant which sells good quality food at a reasonable price is far better than trying to go too post or too novel.

6: Don’t pick a buffet!

Going to a buffet restaurant is a risky game to play – firstly, by the nature of this type of eatery, you will both be getting up constantly which will make any conversation disjointed. Additionally, stuffing yourself until you can’t eat any more isn’t a great way to set a first impression, and neither is putting yourself in a food coma.

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