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10 BIGGEST Man-made Landmarks in Australia

There is no other country that has quite as many man-made landmarks as Australia. You will find just 10 of the largest man-made landmarks in Australia on our list below, but there are actually more than 150 different and huge landmarks that you can visit. So whether it is for pleasure or simple novelty, Australia has some of the biggest and craziest landmarks that you will ever visit.

Big Banana QLD

The Big Banana QLD tops off the list because it is considered to be one of the first biggest landmarks in Australia. It is located in Coffs Harbour in New South Wale.. The best part about this landmark is that you can actually walk through it. You can find a great banana shop to eat in and lots of banana related souvenirs around. But you don’t have to stand by a banana the whole day taking pictures. You can also visit a waterslide, go on a toboggan ride or enjoy a tour of a plantation.

Photo by James & Vilija page source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jmanners/4573324853

Big Merino NSW

If you are a Rams fan, then you must visit the Big Merino NSW. The Big Merino is located in Goulburn, New South Wales, about two hours drive south-west of Sydney. He is certainly a tourist attraction since he was moved closer to the Hume Highway in order to promote more tourism to the area. This is a fun landmark to visit since you can climb to the top of the ram and lookout through his eyes.

Photo by MD111 page source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/md111/3161814601/

Big Rock

There are two BIG Rock landmarks, one in Barrington, New South Wales and the other along Pacific Highway, Tea Gardens in New South Wales. The Barrington Big Rock is unique because it was not built by man. It is actually a big natural rock, converted into a landmark. The other Big Rock in Tea Gardens was built by the Leyland Brothers and is now owned by a charity organization, Outdoor Education. Here, you can eat one of the best gourmet pies in all of Australia.

Big Prawn

The Big Prawn is located in Ballina, in New South Wales and is 6 meters by 9 meters. It stands on top of a gift shop and various restaurants. There is a large seafood community in Ballina which only makes it appropriate that there is a BIG landmark dedicated to the prawn.

Photo by James & Vilija page source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jmanners/4573960722/

Big Pineapple

You have two unique opportunities to see a very large pineapple. Australians love pineapples so much that they have one landmark in Gymploe Queensland and another in Woombye Queensland. Both are 16 meters high. The Gympie Pineapple is on top of a former gasoline station while the other stands outside of the Sunshine Plantation theme park. You can also climb up this pineapple and take a look of the whole surrounding area.

Photo by Koala:Bear page source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ohfuckkit/2104681904/

Big Potato

The Big Potato is located in the small town of Robertson near the end of the Southern Highlands. This area is known for its optimal potato farming because of the rich soil nurtured by the rain and snow.

Photo by Everyspoon page source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/everythingisaspoon/1205299717/

Big Oyster

The Big Oyster was actually a float that was built for the local Oysterfest festival. It was made out of ferro – concrete by Leon Veerhuis. Once it retired from its float duties it was then granted local fame as a BIG landmark.

Big Mango

The Big Mango is located in the heart of the mango growing capital Bowen, in Queensland, Australia. This top ten BIG landmark to visit is known as the Bowen Mango which stands 12 meters tall. It overlooks the Edgecumbe Bay and you can taste some of the sweetest and most delicious, freshly made mango ice cream while visiting. Even if you aren’t interested in the big landmark, you should be interested in tasting the ice cream.

Photo by robstephaustralia page source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/robandstephanielevy/5007394233/

Big Peanut

The Big Peanut is located in the Atherton Tablelands where you can find some of the richest tasting Hi Oleic peanuts. With his top hat and smile, you know that this is a happy place to visit. You can take home peanut souvenirs and actual delicious tasting gourmet peanuts from the appropriately titled The Peanut Place.

Photo by Donna Sullivan Thomson page source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/deestea/1405050962/

Big Gum-boot

In some parts of Australia there is a lot of sunshine and in others there is a lot of rain, which makes the Big Gumboot extra special for the rainy North Queensland town of Tully. Although there has always been a gracious battle between Tully and Babinda for who is the rainiest town in Australia, Tully declared itself the winner with its big gumboot landmark. In fact, Tully holds the all- time record for largest rainfall with an astonishing 7.9 meters of rain from 1950. The landmark was even delayed because of the massive rainfalls.

Photo by Koala:Bear page source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ohfuckkit/2091762909/

Australia certainly is the hot spot for all BIG landmarks. Come visit one of these top ten BIGGEST Landmarks in Australia or one of the other fine landmarks including the Big Orange, Big Fish, Big Crab, Big Marlin and the Big Capitan Cook.

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